Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nothing like an avoidable blockage

For a long time, I have not really been able to use the spare bathroom toilet in my house. For many months I have been meaning to get someone to work on the problem. The toilet would back up easily. Besides that, the kitchen sink would not drain real well. I figured that we had a problem with the main sewer line. If nothing else, maybe a blocked commode.

I payed a contractor to snake out my sewer line, which is not a bad thing. We found some roots in the system that were dug out while snaking the line. By the time we finished that, we had better flow from both toilets and the shower. The line trickled by the sewer clean out before. Now it flows freely.

I decided that if we were going to have to remove the toilet in the guest bathroom, I was going to get rid of that horrible, short toilet in that bathroom. I hated the bowl shape and it was so short, it was uncomfortable. I bought a taller, elongated toilet which was installed today. As I am typing, I am waiting for the town to turn on the water to the house. The cutoff valve would not shut off for the toilet feed, so we needed the house water supply cut off in order to change out that valve and remove the old toilet. The new one is installed, but the town utilities department has not been back yet to turn the water back on.

When we removed the old toilet, a non-flushable plastic feminine hygiene applicator was found cross ways in the toilet exit. All the previous snaking I did in that toilet would not have gotten it out of the way. The toilet snake just went right on by the applicator. At a minimum, I would have needed the toilet taken up and that obstruction removed. At least now I have a new toilet and a clear sewer line.

Between that and some other work I am having done, I am having to fork out some cash. I have more work to be done this week. It has been needed, and I am glad it is getting done. I don't like spending so much money, but it is needed.

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