Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here come the boneheads

Sure they have the right to do so. I support that. Their message, however, is seriously flawed. From WMPM's web site.
NC Stop Torture Now Wins Approval For October March, Peace Rally - The group NC Stop Torture Now has won approval for a peace rally and march in downtown Smithfield . Dr. Walt Caison appeared before the Smithfield Town Council in August requesting permission for a parade and rally. The council expressed concerns, prompting Caison to return this week to address those issues. Caison said his group will hold a Walk of Remembrance and peace rally for the victims of war and torture on Saturday, October 27. The sidewalk march will begin at the Smithfield Herald on South Fourth Street , proceed down Market Street , and end at the Smithfield Commons. Organizers say they expect as many as 300 people to attend, and needed council approval to close South Front Street that day for vendors and portable restrooms, along with permission for a public address system for speakers and music. Stop Torture Now officials dropped the idea of a parade down Market Street because of logistical concerns, but will still hold the sidewalk march. Police Chief Steve Gillikin said additional officers will be brought in to provide security in case any protestors show up for the march or rally. Stop Torture Now has been vocal about their beliefs Aero Contractors, based at the Johnston County Airport , is involved in the war on terror, including the alleged transport of prisoners to countries that allow torture to be used during interrogations. The council gave Dr. Caison and his group unanimous approval for the march and rally. “You all are certainly invited to attend,” Dr. Caison told the board as he walked away from the podium.


Doruletz said...

I'm also a conservative and a scientific creationst.

Good for you Troy and Tray again !

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