Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An "entrepreneurial, not-for-profit corporation" can be self sustaining. If not, then shut it down.

Every organization and program wants money. Our tax dollars are being sought by every good idea that comes down the pike. Not every project, however, should always be funded with our tax dollars.

Sorry, but a hundred grand for a horse riding center? Funding for an "industry" that has the ability to make money? Special Olympics getting tax dollars? An interpreter? We are already paying for the medical expenses of illegal aliens who refuse to assimilate in this country. Now we have to pay extra for an interpreter because they won't learn English before or while living in our country? Personally, I tire of seeing money being poured into either failed, duplicate, unethical, or unnecessary ideas. I certainly don't think we need a "therapeutic" horse riding center. How about a "therapeutic" giant aquarium or cat farm? Petting cats and watching fish have shown to be beneficially therapeutic to patients. Why not those facilities? I am all for the Special Olympics, but I don't want my tax dollars supporting them. I am all for private donations and fund raisers, which we see regularly. Why do people feel the need for government to forcibly take money from citizens and give it to some "good idea"?

From the WMPM news page:
Commissioners Hear Funding Requests During Budget Workshop - Johnston County Commissioners heard requests for funding from several organizations Monday night during a budget workshop. Reins from Above, a therapeutic horse riding center, requested $100,000. Johnston County Industries, which will receive $100,000 in the proposed 2007-08 fiscal year budget, requested $25,000 in additional funding. Johnston County Special Olympics officials appeared to ask commissioners for $40,000. Earl Merritt, Social Services Director, asked the Board for three additional positions, while the Health Department asked for an additional paid position to hire an interpreter. The Council on Aging also requested more funding. County Manager Rick Hester said commissioners would hold their next budget workshop on June 20. By law, the budget must be adopted by July 1.

From the Johnston County Industries web site: "JCI generates almost 50% of its revenue through sub-contract work and prime manufacturing."

OK, since you have the capacity to earn revenue to fund your job training, teach people marketing and sales skills and boost present work until you can afford all 100%. JCI has been in operation for years. There is no reason why they can't be self sustaining. If they can't, then we should shut down the program.

I know it sounds harsh, but it is time to trim the size of government at all levels. We can not sustain this burden upon tax payers forever.

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