Friday, June 22, 2007

County budget

I am a bit baffled as to how there can be two opposite views of the school system budget. How can anyone actually believe that the school system budget is too small? We just passed a bond referendum in this county. We are spending $51 million. We pay our superintendent of schools $209K a year. Money is NOT the answer. I was talking to a school teacher just a couple of days ago that is incredibly disgusted with all the wasteful spending at just the one school where she works. She described many thousands of wasted spending on school supplies, books, and methods. When we cut out all the waste, I will be willing to consider a higher budget.

At least my property tax rate won't be going up.

From WMPM's news page:
Commissioners Approve $168M Budget - In a 5-to-2 vote, Johnston County Commissioners have approved a $168 million budget for the new fiscal year, starting July 1. The 78 cents property tax rate will remain unchanged, while increasing funding by 12 percent to the school system. School officials had sought a 21 percent funding increase, about $55 million, but instead were given $50.9 million by commissioners. School leaders said the gap will prevent then from being able to increase teacher supplements by one percent. About $28 million of the county budget is to retire debts, primarily from previous school bonds. Commissioner Alan Mims voted against the budget package, saying funding to the school system was too high this year. Commissioner DeVan Barbour voted against the budget as well, but said it was because school funding was too low.

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