Friday, June 08, 2007

New Hampshirites under siege

I have been following the case of Ed and Elaine Brown for months. They are a couple from New Hampshire in their 60's. He is a retired exterminator, she is a dentist. They have been protesting the federal income tax system for a decade. I fully understand their protest, since I have read extensively on the subject and feel as they do. The federal income tax is an illegal, unjust tax. The 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was questionably ratified in 1913. There is also a disputable requirement to file tax returns. The tax code also is not clear as to the requirement for individuals to pay such taxes.

The first person I knew about that stood as the Browns do is Irwin Schiff. He has been screwed over by the government quite a bit over income tax disputes. Now the Browns are literally under siege in a Ruby Ridge type scenario.

There are recent reports in the Union Leader and the Concord Monitor. I have also been watching the story on the Brown's myspace page. Check out their blog activities on the myspace page for their side of things. Also, they have a blog. Here is their web site.

Here is an interesting video made last night by a friend of theirs who was shot at by either SWAT teams or soldiers surrounding the Brown's property. If it is all true, then the siege has already turned violent with shots being fired, tazering a citizen, abduction of a citizen, and attempting to turn him against the Brown family. Sorry, but I consider this to be tyranny.

Another problem I have is that the Browns are non-violent offenders. They are tax protesters, for crying out loud! They are not murderers, rapists, drug dealers, arms dealers, or any such thing. The government is spending more money to lay siege to this couple's home and business than they would be getting in revenue if they just paid the alleged tax debt. This is asinine.

Here is a video by the US Marshall's service.

Here is an interview with Ed Brown.

I tried to embed the video of the dog walker who was snatched by the US Marshall Service, but Google video is hassling me about it. I gave the link earlier.

I don't agree with everything that Ed Brown stands for. I realize that the government has said that he and his wife are convicted felons. I realize that he is a tremendous zealot in his views. I sympathize with him quite a bit. I have a serious problem with the income tax system. I believe that the government is corrupt in many respects. They don't respect personal liberties.

The government is spending much more money to apprehend these people than they would probably be getting in tax revenue.

Another issue that bothers me is that we are told that states can and should do nothing about illegal aliens because it is a federal issue. Here we have federal tax dodgers being swarmed by state law enforcement agencies...but it is supposed to be a federal issue, right? What a double standard.

I find the firing of shots at a Brown family friend and supporter and hitting him with a stun gun inexcusable.

I will be watching this story closely.

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