Saturday, June 09, 2007

I can hardly believe the headline

This is an actual headline from the News and Observer today:

Immigration defeat threatens N.C. crops

The story goes on to say
Summer vegetables are ripening in fields across North Carolina, but farmers fear the bounty could go unharvested if a growing labor shortage continues.

Now with the collapse this week of the immigration bill in the U.S. Senate, some farmers say they are angry and weary of waiting for help from Washington.
I don't believe that we have a labor shortage. We have plenty of people with the ability to work, just not enough who are willing to work. First, we have plenty of illegal aliens here already. Not a single one should be allowed to be on welfare or any form of government assistance, period. Since that won't happen in this liberal climate, why not verify that they have tried to work for these same farmers complaining that they can't get enough laborers? How about any able bodies man or woman applying for unemployment or welfare that are here legally? Apparently the jobs are there if people are willing to work them.

So the amnesty bill falls in the Senate and we are supposed to feel bad about not giving complete amnesty to millions of illegal aliens just so that Mount Olive Pickles can get cucumbers from local farmers when there is already a labor force here to do the picking?

If people actually had a work ethic instead of a nanny state mentality, we would have all the labor necessary and then some. Get people off welfare and all other forms of government assistance and working for a living, even if it is harvesting sweet potatoes and tobacco.

What a politically slanted headline that is, though. Disgusting.

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The Buck said...

I hear more and more yanks using this expression, but you are "spot on" my friend