Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wish I was a fly on the wall at Selma Town Hall

The Selma fire department has been meeting with the town manager and a councilman in closed session this evening. I have no idea if the meeting is over yet or not. I truly wish that I could be there to hear it all.

I know that WRAL and News 14 are going to be covering what they can. I have been watching for any news online. I knew that one member of the fire department was canned after leaving threatening phone messages at the mayor's house. I have gotten emails threatening the town manager and mayor. I have already been told to keep my mouth shut about this topic by one reader.

WRAL had a report on their 6:30 news this evening that I caught on the web. There was more info about the fired firefighter.
Assistant Chief Alvin Heath has since been fired after the mayor said Heath called his house multiple times and left a threatening message.

"It was enough that when I played it for the town manager, he felt the person should be terminated," Hester said. "You know, like asking me to come to his house and we'd settle it man to man or gentleman to gentleman."
This is just plain childish. Like I have said a few times, a tantrum.

Here is the full story.


The Buck said...

Oh yeah? Wanna step outside, buddy? Yeah, pretty childish for supposedly grown men. Were farmen, I mean firemen like that when you were in the biz?

troylaplante said...

I had seen some strife and sophomoric behavior, but never like this. One reason is that the departments that I was familiar with all had leadership that was appointed or hired by the town and not elected by the membership. There was financial accountability and tax payers had a close say on how things were done. Just as with the overgrown government bureaucracies, those with power never give it up voluntarily.