Sunday, June 10, 2007

It is surprising how many have listened to a one hour rant about little old Selma

Last night, I was going to do my regular show on a typical Saturday night. My guest did not reply to recent emails and I figured that he would "no show", which he did. So I had a back up plan, which was basically to talk about four different topics, each a quarter hour. I actually got all topics in the hour I had. I discussed:

- the Selma Fire Department problem
- the Selma Town Council interim appointment
- the article about the defeat of the immigration, amnesty bill in the N&O
- the Ed and Elaine vs. the IRS/federal government situation in New Hampshire that is about to turn into another Ruby Ridge or Waco incident.

I am surprised how many listeners I have had in about 24 hours to an impromptu show about a small town in North Carolina. If anyone wants a CD audio or mp3 version of the audio, just contact me.

There is a player on the right margin of this blog to be able to hear the show (it always plays the last show in the archives) or click on the button below to hear the show. Look for other archived shows in the archive section.

Straight Shooting

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