Friday, June 22, 2007

Federal grants are STILL our tax dollars

OK, so once again, Selma is getting a $75,000 grant from the federal government. I still have a problem with the idea of federal grants and loans. Whether we finance a renovation project with tax dollars locally or we get a grant of federal government money, it is taxpayer dollars.

I have no idea why the USDA would be giving a grant to renovate a gymnasium in little old Selma, NC. What does that have to do with agriculture? This is just one more big government program that costs us billions of dollars each year. Grants like this happen through different federal government departments and all over the nation. It all adds up. It is still our money. We just need to stop giving this money away so much and we can stop taxing so heavily and leave more prosperity in the local communities.

I don't think that the amount of the grant will cover all needed renovations.

Also from the WMPM news page:
Grant Will Help Pay For Renovations At Harrison Campus - The Town of Selma has received a $75,000 grant from the USDA Rural Development to help renovate the Harrison School campus. The Neuse Charter School will occupy part of the campus this fall when they open for the first time. The K-5 charter school will enroll 260 students. Funds from the grant will help renovate bathrooms, replace or repair windows, ceilings, and install heating and air conditions in classrooms that will be used by Neuse Charter. Work will begin almost immediately, so that renovations will be completed before the first day of classes.

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