Wednesday, July 27, 2005

On the radio, online

This is from today's WMPM news on their web site. They report regularly on local news in the Johnston County area. The day after I filed for office, the information was carried on the WMPM web site, the "News and Observer", and in the next edition of "The Selma News". It is good to know that the local news outlets are giving us information on local races. Hopefully, the news outlets will also ask candidates for their positions on different issues.


Contested Races Develop For Benson, Clayton, Pine Level Town Councils - The filing period for this falls elections will end next week on Friday, August 5. In Smithfield, Norman Johnson has filed for mayor. Incumbent Councilmen Daniel Evans, Vic Ogburn and Harold Tharrington have all filed for re-election. In Selma, incumbent Mayor Harry Blackley is seeking two more years in office. Jackie Lacy and Troy Laplante have filed for the town board. In Clayton, six candidates have filed for two council seats: Robert Ahlert, Michael Grannis, Rev. Raymond Pittman, Bob Satterfield, Michael Starks, and Mike Whiting. In Benson, Don Johnson, who has been mayor since 1995, is seeking his sixth term. Incumbent Frederick Nelson has filed for town council along with Assistant Benson Fire Chief Robert Harper, Keith Curtis the son-in-law of Billy Parrish who is not running for re-election, and William Massengill Jr., director of operations for Wake Health Services in Raleigh are seeking three at-large commissioners seats. In Kenly, H.L. “Tootie” Hales has filed for mayor and Mark Smith has filed for council. In Pine Level, seven candidates are running for town council while Jeff Holt is seeking the mayor’s seat.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Something I emailed to friends and family Tuesday afternoon

Just after filing for the election, I sent an email to my friends and family about my activity. For all of you who would read this, here is the email I sent out.


For several years now, I have contemplated increasing my public service commitment to my community. I have felt that burden more so lately. As many of you know, I presently serve on the Johnston County Local Emergency Management Planning Committee, and have since November or so. Today, I entered the race for Councilmember for the Selma Town Council, my present home town.

Each of the last several elections, I have seen people run unopposed for mayor, councilman, and other positions in local government. As of this morning, there were two positions up for election on the Town Council and only one candidate filing (an incumbent filing for re-election). As of later this morning, that number grew to two with my filing.

I have experience working with municipal, state, and federal governments over my lifetime, and wish to continue in public service. I wanted to bring a conservative voice to my local town that wants to bill itself as "A Charming Place to Be". I wish to help it be more so. There has been a lot of turmoil in the local fire department. A few localfirefighters have been encouraged to hear that someone with my background was interested in running for office.

The filing period ends on August 5th, so we shall see how many other people file for election. If nobody else does, I am assured one of the spots on the council. After that date, I will see how much campaigning, if any, I have to do. The election is November 8th.

I wanted to give y'all an update on the latest in my life and my little contribution to society.


My first post

I have set up this new blog to let people know how things are coming in my campaign for Town Councilmember for the Town of Selma, North Carolina. I will post my thoughts and concerns on issues that affect the town and its citizens. I plan on talking to fellow citizens in Selma, agencies, organizations, and fellowship groups to get a better feel for their concerns, as well.

After the election, should I be elected, I plan on using this as a forum for interaction with the citizens of Selma and as a place that they can find out what is going on in their town government.

If you are a Town of Selma employee or citizen, feel free to contact me with any of your questions and concerns. My home telephone number is 919-965-9695. My cell number is 919-623-7649.

I am just learning this blog system. I keep a personal blog with another service, and have been familiar with that company's system for a while. Today is my first day with, but I am sure I will learn it quickly.