Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not only NO, but HELL NO!

This morning, I got an email from the Republican National Committee, as I am sure millions of others did. Here is what it said.
In a few short days, President Bush will celebrate his 61st Birthday. Don't miss out on this opportunity to wish the President a Happy Birthday by signing the RNC's eCard today.

To make this an extra special birthday on July 6, Mrs. Bush will be presenting our President with this birthday wish from supporters like you. To be included in this unique celebration, please click here.

And if you can, I hope you will consider celebrating President Bush's birthday with a gift our entire Party can share. Your secure online donation of $61 (or whatever you can afford) will help keep the RNC's preparations for electing more Republicans in the 2007-2008 election cycle on track.

Of course, with my birthday coming in a few short days, too, I figured that I would not allow this email to go unanswered and my opinion go unexpressed to the RNC. Here was my response.
I am not giving a dime to the GOP until they once again become the party that they were at their founding. The GOP has become a liberal organization devoid of its own founding principles. Once the GOP returns to Constitutional principles, fiscal responsibility, and conservatism, I will consider donating. Until then, I plan on having nothing to so with the party. These reasons are why I left the Republican Party and will remain an independent.

Neal Cavuto being a bonehead

Friday, June 29, 2007

I will add some more comments about our Manhattan trip soon

Teresa and I did stop at the World Trade Center while on our trip. It was a pretty moving experience to look across the skyline and not see the buildings. Also, to see St. Paul's Church with no skyscrapers in the background was sad. We stood right next to where the towers used to stand and all saw the construction going on.

I saw one artist's rendering of what the new WTC should look like just days after Sept. 11, 2001. I still think it is the most symbolic and best way of showing our resolve to those who would want to attack this nation again.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just got back

About an hour ago, I got back from a trip to Manhattan. I will blog on that in a while. I have been checking emails and web stuff and will be doing more later.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Teaching abomination to our school kids

Government schools think they own the children of this nation. Liberal educators believe that they know better how to raise these children than their own parents do. It is totally unethical to teach subjects such as homosexual education or attempt to indoctrinate children into acceptance thereof. It should be up to the parents of those children to decide whether or not their own children learn about homosexuality.

What is even more insidious is that the schools are trying to hide the homosexual promotion from parents. Here is a paragraph from an article about one such case.
Officials at Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Ill., have ordered their 14-year-old freshman class into a "gay" indoctrination seminar, after having them sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to tell their parents.

A school has no business teaching a moral issue like this as normal, much less teaching it at all. To blatantly try to hide it from parents is just wrong. The practice needs to stop immediately and those responsible removed from the business of educating children.

To add insult to the situation, the following snippets were also in the article:
even after the district was caught, parents still were being told they were not welcome to be at the "freshman advisory" and they were not allowed to have access to materials used in compiling the activist curriculum.
The judge concluded that even allowing Christians to withdraw their children from classes or portions of classes where their religious beliefs were being violated wasn't a reasonable expectation.

"An exodus from class when issues of homosexuality or same-sex marriage are to be discussed could send the message that gays, lesbians, and the children of same-sex parents are inferior and, therefore, have a damaging effect on those students," he opined.

Federal grants are STILL our tax dollars

OK, so once again, Selma is getting a $75,000 grant from the federal government. I still have a problem with the idea of federal grants and loans. Whether we finance a renovation project with tax dollars locally or we get a grant of federal government money, it is taxpayer dollars.

I have no idea why the USDA would be giving a grant to renovate a gymnasium in little old Selma, NC. What does that have to do with agriculture? This is just one more big government program that costs us billions of dollars each year. Grants like this happen through different federal government departments and all over the nation. It all adds up. It is still our money. We just need to stop giving this money away so much and we can stop taxing so heavily and leave more prosperity in the local communities.

I don't think that the amount of the grant will cover all needed renovations.

Also from the WMPM news page:
Grant Will Help Pay For Renovations At Harrison Campus - The Town of Selma has received a $75,000 grant from the USDA Rural Development to help renovate the Harrison School campus. The Neuse Charter School will occupy part of the campus this fall when they open for the first time. The K-5 charter school will enroll 260 students. Funds from the grant will help renovate bathrooms, replace or repair windows, ceilings, and install heating and air conditions in classrooms that will be used by Neuse Charter. Work will begin almost immediately, so that renovations will be completed before the first day of classes.

County budget

I am a bit baffled as to how there can be two opposite views of the school system budget. How can anyone actually believe that the school system budget is too small? We just passed a bond referendum in this county. We are spending $51 million. We pay our superintendent of schools $209K a year. Money is NOT the answer. I was talking to a school teacher just a couple of days ago that is incredibly disgusted with all the wasteful spending at just the one school where she works. She described many thousands of wasted spending on school supplies, books, and methods. When we cut out all the waste, I will be willing to consider a higher budget.

At least my property tax rate won't be going up.

From WMPM's news page:
Commissioners Approve $168M Budget - In a 5-to-2 vote, Johnston County Commissioners have approved a $168 million budget for the new fiscal year, starting July 1. The 78 cents property tax rate will remain unchanged, while increasing funding by 12 percent to the school system. School officials had sought a 21 percent funding increase, about $55 million, but instead were given $50.9 million by commissioners. School leaders said the gap will prevent then from being able to increase teacher supplements by one percent. About $28 million of the county budget is to retire debts, primarily from previous school bonds. Commissioner Alan Mims voted against the budget package, saying funding to the school system was too high this year. Commissioner DeVan Barbour voted against the budget as well, but said it was because school funding was too low.

I haven't been watching mine, though it is locked up

As many times as I have checked in on this web page, I have still yet to see this dangerous so-called assault rifle hurt anyone. Just maybe it is not guns that do the assaulting. Could it possibly be that people are the ones who do the killing by using a tool?

Good bye Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Leave it to some educated idiots to screw up breakfast.
And Kellogg's announcement last week that by the end of 2008 the company will no longer advertise cereals that don't meet a new set of self-imposed health standards to children under 12 begs the question of whether these icons' beloved essence can survive the inevitable changes.

While Frosted Flakes is another matter, neither Froot Loops nor Rice Krispies currently fit in with Kellogg's self-imposed guidelines

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ain't it the truth?

This is so true of real environmentalist whackos, as well.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ed and Elaine Brown latest video

I don't agree with everything Ed Brown says or believes. I don't buy into every thing that is in this video. The message of tyranny, however, is relevant to us all. We are seeing tyrannical government action regularly. I was just having a conversation about legislation that opens the door to discretionary tyranny that will have no accountability. That is a lot of what is going on with the Browns. Anyway, here is the latest video release.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Leave it to a local socialist to get this horribly wrong

I was reading The Herald's opinion page online and about puked when I saw the headline.
Etheridge stands for Johnston County values
. That is good to know, considering that I see very few values that he stands for that are Johnston County values. When he voted correctly on a bill (I think just one that I am aware of), I praised him in this very blog. When he has attempted to waste billions of our tax dollars on unConstitutional measures, I have said so.

Here is the rest of the excrement spewed by a local Democrat official:
The writer of the letter challenging Congressman Bob Etheridge's support for Johnston County values fails to mention that the congressman has stood consistently for those values and for programs that benefit our citizens.

He supported legislation that would require greater fiscal responsibility from the federal government and that would help to stem the outrageous deficit being left for our grandchildren by this administration. Bob Etheridge strongly supported passage of an increase in the minimum wage urgently needed by many of our hardworking citizens. He has proposed and supported legislation that would make this country more energy-independent by using alternative sources of energy and advances in technology that would create much-needed new jobs. And Bob Etheridge has supported legislation that would build a partnership of state and federal resources to assist local education systems with the building of enough new schools to accommodate rapid growth.

PATRICIA K. BRANCH Third Vice Chair Johnston County Democratic Party

The letter also had a paragraph scolding the writer to whom she refers as being a Republican Party officer and hack, yadda, yadda, yadda. As if that is anything foreign to Democrats.

Sorry, but this is nothing more than a propaganda piece for the resident Democrat Congressman. There is translation needed in this piece. I will do some of it for you below by pasting the same text with my translation along with it.

Etheridge stands for Johnston County values
Democrat translation: He stands for liberal, Democrat values and that is how everyone should vote. If you don't, you are a retard.

The writer of the letter challenging Congressman Bob Etheridge's support for Johnston County values fails to mention that the congressman has stood consistently for those values and for programs that benefit our citizens.
Democrat translation: He has stood to take money away from those who are productive members of society and give it to those who wish to suckle off the government teat with no accountability or requirement of renumeration or even labor.

He supported legislation that would require greater fiscal responsibility from the federal government and that would help to stem the outrageous deficit being left for our grandchildren by this administration.
Democrat translation: Bush sucks. Forget that Clinton spent a lot of money too and that our Democrats in Congress supported the spending. We don't want the facts to stand in the way.

Bob Etheridge strongly supported passage of an increase in the minimum wage urgently needed by many of our hardworking citizens.
Democrat translation: Forget the fact that nobody is really supporting a family on minimum wage. We like the fact that labor unions have wage contracts that are indexed to the minimum wage and labor unions are huge Democrat supporters. It may be true that only underachieving losers will remain in minimum wage jobs, but we like to control business and industry. Obviously, evil corporations are to blame for the low wages. We may have unprecedented growth at the current minimum wage and nobody at McDonald's starts out at that lowest wage because the market dictates otherwise. We as Democrats do not trust evil corporations to treat workers fairly. We will not let the fact that the majority of businesses that pay minimum wage are small, family owned companies that may be struggling to make ends meet and that workers may be laid off as a result of a higher wage scale. That does not matter, since we feel good about sincerely pretending to care.

He has proposed and supported legislation that would make this country more energy-independent by using alternative sources of energy and advances in technology that would create much-needed new jobs.
Democrat translation: He has no scientific background, but we as Democrats feel really good about appearing to actually do something. We realize that Al Gore is a crackpot who is pushing junk science as fact. We buy into it anyway, since it gives us a way to take more money away from evil corporations and the American tax payers. This is a way of exerting more control over everyone's lives, property, and help keep us in power by looking like we actually care.

And Bob Etheridge has supported legislation that would build a partnership of state and federal resources to assist local education systems with the building of enough new schools to accommodate rapid growth.
Democrat translation: We don't care that the Constitution does not allow the federal government to spend money on education. A previous paragraph may have just praised Etheridge for stemming the tide of government spending, but this increase in government spending is for a good cause. After all, what better cause is there than being "for the children"? Everybody should realize that a government school system is not really an indoctrination system or really a part of the Communist Manifesto. If you believe that they are, you must be for freedom, actual accountability for tax money being spent, and must be some whack job. You can not possibly think that you would know how to better raise and educate your own children than a bloated bureaucracy that wields taxation power over you to teach values that contradict your own.

The letter criticizing Congressman Bob Etheridge also fails to note that the writer, Mark Otto, is communications director for the 2nd District Committee of the N.C. Republican Party. Also, his letter is almost identical to those you will find being sent by Republicans across the country to local newspapers challenging elected Democratic representatives.
Democrat translation: Forget that I am a hypocrite for doing the same thing.

PATRICIA K. BRANCH Third Vice Chair Johnston County Democratic Party
Democrat translation: I am a shill for the Democrats and proud of it.

I would only donate if I get to swim in it

The Smithfield Herald reports:
A new campaign is under way to raise money for the Smithfield Recreation & Aquatics Center.

Hey, wait a money IS going into this facility!
The town is planning to spend $485,000 from a county recreation bond and $450,000 from the sale of Bingham Park to Johnston Memorial Hospital. It already has a $500,000 grant from the state’s Parks and Recreation Trust Fund.
So my tax dollars to both the state and county are going into this facility. Every doggone tax payer in Johnston County should be able to use this facility FREE of charge, then. I want to do some laps when it is finished.

Welcome to my world, Claytonians.

Selma property owners saw a nickel tax increase last year. It has not gone away with a balanced budget, either.

From The Smithfield Herald:
On Monday, the Clayton Town Council voted 4-1 to approve a 5-cent tax increase, effective July 1. The rate will go up from 49 to 54 cents per $100 value. The town manager’s original budget did not call for an increase, but council members expressed concerns after learning the town’s cash reserves were likely to evaporate over the next few years.

It took a week to report it

From WMPM's news page:
Selma Preparing To Tear Down Condemned Houses - The Selma Town Council has included funding in their $14.7 million fiscal year budget that begins in July to tear down a number of dilapidated homes that have been condemned for months. The town attorney will seek a court order to have the substandard houses torn down, and the cost of the demolition and cleanup will be assessed to the property owner. More than two dozen homes were identified by inspectors as substandard last year. A number of the homes have been brought up to code, but still many others have not. Demolition work on the unsightly houses will begin as soon as a court order is in hand.
I was there for the votes on the housing demolition process to start. What the article did not mention is that there were just as many condemned houses that the council was lenient about, considering that substantial work had been done on them.

The majority of the homes that will be torn down are abandoned with no intention by the owners thereof to get them in any livable shape. They are now an unsafe eyesore. I am usually in favor of private property rights. However, these property owners have abandoned their properties, have done nothing to bring them up to safe standards, are causing a blight upon neighborhoods, and causing property values to be lower because of their own irresponsibility. Ownership is a right, but along with rights there are responsibilities.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Interesting note about Ruth Graham's funeral arrangements

I know that I have not commented on the death of Ruth Graham. Actually, I have, just not on this blog. Here is what I wrote in a conversation with a minister friend of mine.
This is one of those bittersweet things about living in Christ. I rejoice that she is with the Lord. I weep for her family's loss.

Billy Graham was one of the few who has remained pretty much untarnished by scandal. He has received much criticism over the years from others in the faith, but I believe that he was faithful to his calling. I have often wondered about the validity of his methodology, perhaps, but he seemed to be true to his calling to preach the simplicity of the Gospel.

Ruth was long suffering and loyal to her husband and to her role as a help meet for him. She stood as a stellar example for others to see. I wish we had more men and particularly, women as them.

I love to be able to speak well of the brethren.

Now, the interesting note was found in a newsletter that my wife subscribes to. There was one paragraph from a Citizen Times article in that newsletter that both she and I found interesting.
Ruth Graham’s body rested before the pulpit in a closed wooden casket made of plywood by prisoners at Louisiana State Penitentiary. Franklin Graham had come across the caskets during a trip to Angola. He asked that the prisoners design and build matching coffins for his parents.
I have made it known that if I die before my wife does, I do NOT want any fancy coffin. I want a pine box. Cardboard, if she can get away with it. I want the cheapest coffin money can buy and get away with according to law or ordinance. My body will be an empty shell. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. I won't be here, so I really don't care about what sort of box in which my body lies. The flesh would be dead, so there is no need for any sort of comfort. I won't care...I won't be there.

Upcoming show this Saturday

I had a great response to the show that I did on Saturday with Brian Bonner of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration. The show had more callers than normal, and for that I am grateful.

This Saturday's show should take you back a bit in time to American values of long ago. I will have as a guest author and webmaster Rev. Michael Bresciani. Rev. Bresciani is the author of two Christian books, one that is entirely on the second coming of Christ. He is a contributing columnist for American Chronicle, American Daily and several other online news and commentary sites.

Gotta Get Something Off Your Chest?

Thank you, Tom Tancredo

Hey El Paso, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Portland, and Tulsa...
House passes Tancredo measure to deny emergency funds to sanctuary cities

He’s offered similar proposals at least seven times in the past three years and they’ve always failed by big margins. Today? 234-189, with no fewer than 49 Democrats voting in favor. The Rocky Mountain News says all sides are "stunned"; his own press release describes him as "exuberant." Not necessarily because he thinks the Senate’s going to pass this but because of a certain Larger Truth that might just have materialized. From the RMN:

Tancredo said he thinks his amendment is an indicator that the House would crush the reform plan [i.e., amnesty bill] if it passes in the Senate.

"If I were (Speaker of the House) Nancy Pelosi, I’d be asking if she could pass a vote on amnesty on the House side," Tancredo said. "If she lost 50 Democrats on this one, and she says she needs 70 Republicans to pass the immigration plan, this is an interesting indicator of things coming down the pike, and that the times, they are a-changing."

It's about time there was some form of good news.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

They have a few points

I have never been in favor of the US being so involved in other nations through military, financial, or other means. My loyalties do not lie first and foremost with America, but with the Kingdom of God, just as these Muslims claim. Granted, their god is a false one. Allah is not a synonym for God. I do, however, wish that if they hate this nation so much, they would just leave.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Editorial on Selma Fire Department in The Smithfield Herald

It almost sounds like the editorial staff at The Herald is reading my blog or my column.

Soul-searching needed in Selma

As best we could tell, the spat in Selma was about this: Someone on the fire department was going to be a full-time, paid employee, and the town manager thought that person ought to be the chief. Some firefighters, meanwhile, thought the town could better spend its money on someone skilled in maintaining all of the equipment firefighters use.

But after an episode last week, we have to wonder whether the firefighters had an ulterior motive in preferring a paid engineer to a paid chief. (In case you missed it, some disgruntled firefighters dumped their gear at the home of Mayor Charles Hester.)

If the spat were truly about paying a chief or an engineer, would the firefighters have taken the extreme step of trying to embarrass the mayor in public? No, we suspect this is more about what the firefighters would lose if the chief were suddenly hired by the town manager and paid by Selma taxpayers.

What they would lose, of course, is power. As is the case in most volunteer fire departments, Selma firefighters have traditionally elected their chief. Intentionally or not, that has made the chief accountable not to property owners but to firefighters, who could oust any chief who raised their ire.

And that's why we think it's time for Selma firefighters to do some soul-searching. We have no doubt that all of them joined the department to protect lives and property from fires. They need to ask themselves if that's why they're still firefighters. If the answer is no, they need a change of heart, or they need to move on.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Never forget about what happened at Ruby Ridge

Something similar is happening in Plainfield, New Hampshire.

Public utilities and stupidity

Every once in a while you hear about something so stupid it is amazing. I am not a fan of towns owning electrical systems. I would prefer that the utilities be privately run. When towns own the system, policies can get out of hand. One example is that in the town of Micro, water bills are due on the 10th of the month (I believe) and cutoffs of service begin the 11th if the bill is not paid. That is just excessive.

Here is another example of how a local town stupidly handles their utility policies, as sent to me by someone I know.

Our church participates in a very active prison ministry at the Wayne County Jail on an ongoing basis. The salvation rate is truly wonderful. Our clothing bank offers wardrobe to those released. A TERRIBLE policy has come to light.

We have ministered to the families of a few in the Wayne county jail with food, clothes, etc. who are IN JAIL FOR UTILITY CUT-OFF!!! In the Town of Fremont, if you can't afford to keep on your lights or water, THEY LOCK YOU UP!

If the utilities happen to be in the name of the only breadwinner in the family, then now the rest of the spouse and children are not only without electricity, but they now lose their only source of income and food! It's ridiculous.

Plus, we should examine just how much it costs to house and feed an inmate per day/week/month in the Wayne County Jail. It's probably a whole lot more than the Town would charge to keep on the family's lights.

Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson's show

I still don't agree with every last point Ron Paul makes, but we are VERY on par with most views.

That hate mail continues

I am still getting hate mail about my stance on the Selma Fire Department. I have also gotten a lot of agreement phone calls and personal contact from people in this town. It is funny that some who disagree are getting nasty, making personal attacks, and of course, think I'm just plain ignorant. Those who have stood on the side of the town manager and mayor have not been getting insulting and mean. However, I have seen threats, insults, accusations, and immaturity on the part of those who allegedly support the fire department in this situation.

Let me make on thing plain and easy to understand. I DO support the fire department and its personnel 100%. I do NOT support their actions nor their position in this debate. Change is coming whether they like it or not. Personally, I believe that they should embrace it, since if done right (and if I have anything to say about it, it will be), things will actually be better for them.

What I have little tolerance for is when some immature critic makes stuff up that I have allegedly said and tries to hold it against me in an argument. When I have simply said "show me where I have said that", no evidence can be produced. blog is open for the entire public to read. Anyone with an internet connection can read this. Some bonehead has thrice insisted that I have made comments that I have not and then proceeded to make personal attacks.

These are shameful tactics usually employed by those who have no substance to their position. That is why Democrats to it often, by the way.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gun grabbers pass a bill in the House of Representatives

From Grass Roots North Carolina (who will have a representative on with me again in July for my show "Straight Shooting".)

McCarthy/NRA Gun Control Bill Passes US House

NRA assisted anti-gun forces in passing the one gun control bill to
successfully sneak through the US House of Representatives since
Seung-Hui Cho took advantage of federal and state laws protecting him
from retribution in the criminal friendly "gun-free" zone at Virginia
Tech. Most of the pro-gun community had presented a united front and
stopped such legislation until the NRA teamed with Rep. Carolyn
McCarthy for passage of HR 2640 on a voice vote. It now heads to the
US Senate where we must dig in our heels to stop this from becoming

The following information is provided by our friends at the Rocky
Mountain Gun Owners, it is followed by instructions on contacting our
Senators (Dole & Burr) to help stop this legislation:

Today, far sooner than we would have imagined, the bill passed in the
US House, with almost no notice and no recorded vote.

HR 297 was quickly morphed into a new bill, HR 2640 (by notorious
anti-gunner Carolyn McCarthy) and passed on a voice vote, with so
little notice that the most pro-gun members of Congress didn't know
it was on the agenda until early in the morning -- when the NRA
actively lobbied their offices to pass the largest gun control move
since the 1994 Assault Weapons ban.

The bill gives the Federal Government vast new access to people's
mental health records and opens the door for expanded abuse of power,
delays and denials of firearms purchases.

The bill purports to give people a chance to have their names removed
from the no-buy list, but only at great personal expense... with no
guarantee of success.

If the past is any indication, purchasing a firearm is about to
become a lot more complicated.

Keep in mind that for years the ATF has been forbidden from doing any
investigations to expunge records and return people's gun rights.

Now, with the help of the NRA, even more restrictions are being

Of course, unlike a "crime," "mental illness" is a very subjective

As Corey Graff from Wisconsin Gun Owners writes;

"Since 1952, the American Psychiatry Association (APA) has utilized
the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as
its standard for defining, diagnosing and treating mental health

Since its first printing, the manual has undergone five revisions,
the most recent being the DSM-IV, which was finalized in 1994.
Currently a fifth version is being prepared and is due out by 2012.

Each new version contradicts the previous version; new authors with
new perspectives and agendas write each new release. The standard
keeps changing, shifting, sometimes radically so -- the result is
that mental illness is never clearly or objectively defined. It is a
moving target shaped by political and social pressures.

Following controversy and protests from gay activists at APA annual
conferences from 1970 to 1973, the seventh printing of the DSM-II, in
1974, no longer listed homosexuality as a category of disorder. After
talks led by the psychiatrist Robert Spitzer, who had been involved
in the DSM-II development committee, a vote by the APA trustees in
1973, confirmed by the wider APA membership in 1974, replaced the
diagnosis with a milder category of "sexual orientation disturbance."

In today's politically correct climate, the most recent version of
the DSM-IV contains "no reference to homosexuality."

Which DSM was correct or were both wrong? One can easily see the
danger this contradiction raises if these diagnoses were synced up
with a gun owner database that acts as an automated judge, jury and
executioner for the gun buyer.

Such variance also calls into question the credibility of those who
define mental illness.

Psychiatrists can't even agree amongst themselves over a relatively
short period of time on how to precisely define mental illness on any
given issue. Thirty years ago no one heard the term "attention deficit
disorder" or "post-traumatic stress disorder" -- today diagnoses for
these new mental illnesses are commonplace.

We believe the next step -- if you don't think there's a "next step"
you undoubtedly fit the description of mentally deranged -- is to
require information and deny firearms purchases for anyone who has
ever taken an anti-depressant (the estimates for the number of young
adults in America who have, at one time, taken these anti-depressant
drugs is staggering). If that happens, a large portion of a number of
generations in America will be stripped of their Second Amendment

The bottom line: If NICS is expanded, expect entire groups to be
denied their right to purchase a firearm.

Legislation like this paints with a broad brush and will disarm many
good people who should be able to buy handguns. One such group is

" could have a significant impact on American
servicemen," wrote Gun Owners of America recently, "especially those
returning from combat situations and who seek some type of
psychiatric care.

Often, veterans who have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder
have been deemed as mentally 'incompetent' and are prohibited from
owning guns under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(4). Records of those instances
certainly exist, and, in 1999, the Department of Veterans
Administration turned over 90,000 names of veterans to the FBI for
inclusion into the NICS background check system."

Once again, the NRA has colluded with anti-gunners to pass new gun
control and tell gun owners it's good for them.

They did so when the Brady Insta-Check Registration system was passed
into law, and now they're attempting to strengthen that gun control...
and weaken our rights.

According to "Advocates of House-passed legislation say it
likely would have prevented the gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, from buying a
firearm because of his history of mental illness." But this is, of
course, nonsense. The Brady law has not kept criminals from getting
guns and won't stop madmen from getting them either. But it might
very well stop you.

Here is what I sent to both of my U.S. Senators:
I implore you to oppose HR 2640, the so-called "NICS Improvement Act of 2007." How much longer are we going to allow our civil liberties be eroded with legislation like this and allow "Big Brother" to tell us free men and women what we can and can not do? This is just a foot hold for further restrictions on the freedoms of honest Americans who want to exercise their God given rights that are protected by the 2nd Amendment. PLEASE have the fortitude to withstand the tide of infringement and vote NO on HR 2640.
Here is what I sent the NRA/ILA:
Your support of the McCarthy/NRA Gun Control Bill that has passed the US House is just one reason why I refuse to be an NRA member. Why would you sell out the freedoms of American citizens and contribute to their 2nd Amendment rights being infringed? This is reason enough to never, ever consider becoming a member again.

Here is what you can do:
* Contact NRA-ILA and ask them why they added their weight to passing
more gun-control. -

* Contact our Senators (NC):

o Sen. Richard Burr:

* Phone: (202) 224-3154

* Fax: (202) 228-2981


o Sen. Elizabeth Dole:

* Phone: (202) 224-6342

* Fax: (202) 224-1100


A few news outlets post on the Selma Fire Department situation

Notice again the differences in facts between news outlets.

From News 14
SELMA, N.C. -- Seven Selma firefighters who were suspended for walking off the job have now been reinstated.

Town manager Stan Farmer met with members of the town's fire department behind closed doors Wednesday night, one week after 10 of the department's 25 firefighters walked off the job in protest of Farmer's plans to hire a full-time chief.

Of those 10, two resigned earlier this week and another was fired for making threats toward the mayor.

The firefighters that were reinstated can return to work Friday.


From WRAL:

6 Selma Firefighters Reinstated After Meeting With Town Leaders

Selma - A three-hour meeting Wednesday night helped bring some closure to the recent rift among Selma Fire Department members, the mayor and the town manager.

The manager suspended 10 firefighters last week after they walked off the job in protest of his decision to replace their volunteer fire chief – who has been with the department for more than 30 years – with a paid, full-time chief.

To protest the move, the firefighters placed their gear at Mayor Charles Hester's house on June 7. They acknowledged at Wednesday night's meeting that it was not the right course of action, Town Manager Stan Farmer said. The meeting was closed to the public.

Farmer agreed to reinstate six of the 10 suspended firefighters, which will take effect Friday. Two others resigned after being suspended. Assistant Fire Chief Alvin Heath was fired after leaving threatening messages on Mayor Charles Hester's voicemail, Farmer said.

One firefighter's suspension was lifted after town leaders learned he didn't participate in the protest.

The firefighters wanted the town to hire a full-time engineer to help maintain equipment instead of hiring the chief.

On Tuesday night, the town board voted to move forward with a budget that includes a $55,000 salary for a new, full-time chief.


From The Smithfield Herald:
Seven firefighters reinstated
Two others resign, one fired after protest stunt

By Jordan Cooke, Staff Reporter
SELMA -- Six of 10 firefighters suspended for dumping their gear in the mayor's front yard will return to work on Friday.

Town Manager Stan Farmer said Mark Greene, Gary Gainey, Ronnie Lee, Ronald Stanley, Thomas Harper and Mike Kendall would return to active duty. Their reinstatement follows a three-hour hearing Wednesday evening in which Farmer said the men apologized for dumping their gear in Mayor Charles Hester's yard last Thursday.

"They acknowledged that what they did was wrong, so I went ahead and reinstated them," Farmer said. "They also acknowledged that they are town employees, that they would follow town policies and procedures and that the town manager does have the right to hire a fire chief."

Those acknowledgements came just one day after several other firemen criticized Farmer and the Town Council for budgeting money to pay a full-time fire chief. Mike Piper, Al Gaskill and Joe Moore pleaded with council members to uphold a longstanding tradition of allowing firefighters to elect their own leader.

They also asked council members to consider hiring instead a full-time engineer to maintain the department's $3 million in equipment. In the end, the Town Council voted to proceed with plans to hire a fire chief.

As for the remaining firefighters named in last week's stunt, Farmer said two had resigned. He said Billy Baker, a 12-year veteran of the department, left mostly because he lives too far from town to answer evening fire calls. Farmer said Greg Hooks, a three-year member of the department, also quit.

Meanwhile, Farmer reinstated one firefighter earlier this week after discovering that he had not taken part in last week's demonstration. Farmer said Buddy Whitley's colleagues had taken his gear with them last week to add to their numbers.

The lone firing from last week's stunt was that of assistant fire chief Alvin "T.J." Heath. Farmer said he fired Heath because because of threats made against the mayor. He said Heath had made a series of harassing phone calls within the last week to Hester's home.

No charges were expected against Heath, Farmer said. But he noted that the town could not overlook Heath's reputation. In 2005, Heath was charged with damaging property at the home of former mayor Harry Blackley. The case was dismissed in February 2006.

Clips of hate mail that I have received over my comments on the Selma Fire Department

Here are some snippets that I have been emailed with people who hate what I have written on the current situation about the fire department here in Selma. Emailers' comments are in red, mine are in blue.
Well I would stay here and contend this arguement but you are not worth my time, nor is the Town of Selma
My answer: If the town of Selma has no say in your department, then why would you stick your nose in the fray?
I would just like you to know that the Fire Tax is deamed by the Federal Government not the town. I could care less who pays more b/c they have no choice but to pay the tax. Secondly the town does not pay for any of the gear, trucks, and so on. That is paid for by the tax payers and the Federal and State government. I know this b/c they I sell fire equipment, so I am very aware of where the money comes from for all Fire Depts to operate. There are a vast majority aprox. 50 to 1 Fire Depts. in NC are operated soley by Volunteers. Many of these are large townships.
My answer: >>>Secondly the town does not pay for any of the gear, trucks, and so on.<<<
You are incorrect on that. The town has a budget set aside just for that. Part of the revenue from every gallon of water sold in this town is put in a budget just for the purchase of fire equipment. The town gets its revenue from tax payers and utility customers, so YES, the town DOES pay for the fire equipment. To say otherwise is intellectually dishonest and playing semantics.

>>>There are a vast majority aprox. 50 to 1 Fire Depts. in
NC are operated soley by Volunteers. Many of these are large townships.<<<

And this has WHAT to do with Selma? My big question is...SO????
yo dude. i understand how you don't know how things are run down here. i, a yankee myself, know the differance between the north and the south. just because you are ignorant and unacstomed to the style here doesn't mean that you have the right to dictate the way selma FD is run. You have no reason to tell the press about things you know nothing about about people you know nothing about. My philosophy on life is Live and Let Live and just because you like the way things were run up north doesn't mean you can dictate the way you think they should be run in the south. I know the way things are run down here and they have obviously worked up until now. People are happy.

I futher understand your want to have the FD become paid and, in your words, more professional. However, wouldn't your blood boil if you were pushed out of your retirement beniffits and insurance, etc... because the mayor is somebody who has never put on the turn out gear, so he decides how things are run? many of these FF have time and experience leading up to these benifits not to mention the love for firefighting. Try putting yourself in their shoes. How would you feel, with your "decade of experience and more training then most of those members" if you were messed out of your love and hobby and, if retired, your job? Think 'bout that next time and look at the poles and ask the citizens who aren't as hot headed as you are so they decide to sit at home and stew.
Here is how I answered this one:
I have been in the South and this area for almost 20 years. I was born further south than most anyone around here. Yeah, I know how things are done around here.

I am not dictating anything. I am commenting. Unaccustomed to the style here? You obviously don't know me. Ignorant? Doubtful...Just because you do not agree does not make those who you disagree with ignorant. There are some things about which I know a helluvalot more than your average bear. This happens to be one of those areas.

You said, "I futher understand your want to have the FD become paid". Where do you get that idea? I have said no such thing. If you can point out where I ever said that, I would like to know about it. One thing I would love to see, however, is the monthly stipend idea dropped and an hourly wage paid to our firefighters for showing up to training and fire calls. This will give them more money, give them an incentive to actually show up for training, and give them better legal standing in terms of liability claims. As to the rest of your rambling, it is made moot by your being "ignorant" of what I believe.

What difference does it make if the mayor has ever put on a set of turn out gear? He has never put on a police uniform, has never climbed a utility pole, or dug a ditch for sewer lines, either. The whole idea is to hire people who are able to do that with great skill. Therefore your argument there is fallacious. My boss has never done what I do for a living, she just knows that she needs skilled employees who can do the job for her. Common sense.

Sorry, but you are way off in your characterization of me as "hot headed". I take my time, make judgments, and form rational opinions. The hot headed ones are the cowards who dumped their gear in the mayor's driveway, have made brash comments on The Selma News web site, and call others ignorant with moot and fallacious points.
i wish you keep your dam mouth shut. i,m fixing a way to get rid of both of them. if you want to take sides with them fine. they better watch their and my friends are going to take care of them when they least expect it...charles hester and stan farmer are nothing but sob`s...i have also got a petition started to have them removed from office...
I emailed back and forth with this individual, but won't get further into the content. It is not worth getting into.
I understand that you may have fought fire up North but we work diff. here in the South. So I firmly believe that you should either Apply for the Fire Chief Position or join the town council. Then you can stand in line with the rest of the folks that will not be reelected
My response:
It does not matter that I did firefighting in New England. I can tell you objectively, however, that "up north", as you put it, the fire departments are light years ahead of the South. Even small towns in rural New England were ahead of cities like Raleigh when I moved to the South almost 20 years ago. That's a fact.
You go on and on about the town having control but in reality you are leaving out the residents living outside of the city limits. I do believe that they pay a Fire Tax also, so where is their say in all this. I also think you should not comment on what the other citizens of this town want. The larger majority stand behind the Fire Dept. Don't believe me ask the EX- MAYOR Harry Blackley.
My reply, which I will answer here rather than go into some lengthy detail or email responses (other than the two sentences below), is that Harry had some things going against him that were far more than just the fire department related politics. If anyone thinks that this was a primary reason for his not being re-elected, then they were not paying attention during the last election. Sure, the politics with the fire department had a part to play, but certainly it was not the ONE factor in all of this. I did, however, reply with this statement.
There are so many other issues that are of importance to this town. Anyone that would be so single minded and selfish as to think otherwise is a freakin' idiot and shouldn't be voting to begin with.
That last one sounded a bit harsh, but it is true none the less. If I had the power, I would change the eligibility requirements for voting at all levels of government, but that is another topic for another post.

Just when I was about to post, I got more hate mail. In response to my reply, "I have been in the South and this area for almost 20 years. I was born further south than most anyone around here." I got the following:
how far further south Cuba? no wonder you are ignorant, descpite what you think, others support my claim 'bout that, is that why your sounding retarted? you weren't born in country? Maybe I don't know you but I can get a good idea from your blogs and other emails you have sent to my friends. Ignorant yes, you don't know the chief, the FFs OR their wives. maybe you should take a second to learn why they are so passionate before making your biased and outrageous comments.
I guess that the fact that North Carolina is in what is considered the "mid-Atlantic" region means nothing and that just straight down I-95, which runs through this town, there are three other states south of here. Duh!
More incentive? FF and rescue are BIG around here. they love it and if you ask me that is all the incentive they need.
My simple response to that is "If that REALLY was the case, then it wouldn't matter WHO was chief, would it?"

You got to love this last one: Lastly, you obvsiouly don't take time to consider your arguements because you responded to my email with great speed.

I replied with this: Sure I took time to consider it. Thought does not have to move at the speed of smell. When you know the topic at hand, have considered it thoroughly, and have developed a well informed, logical, and rational approach and opinion, one does not have to consider and reconsider things in order to answer hypocritical, whining emails.

Wasting Johnston tax dollars on mediocre performance?

This is INSANE! Why do we keep paying the superintendent of a school district in a medium sized county more than we pay the governor of our state? Here in Johnston County, we are paying Dr. Anthony Parker over $200,000 a year and he does not personally educate a single child in our schools. I will do that same job for half the price and I guarantee I will do it just as well, not needing a degree in education.

I am tired of my tax dollars going for such huge salary increases for public servants. I guarantee that no teacher in the school system gets this sort of pay increase. This is just plain unethical. If we can raise our school system to be one of the best in the nation, we can stop having to use taxes and bonds for new school construction, we can keep qualified teachers on staff and get rid of the useless ones, and cut our taxes for the largest expenditure in the county under Parker's direction, than I can see possibly rewarding him for his performance. However, I don't see any of that.

Over $3000 for a cell phone allowance? What kind of crappy plan are we allowing for? If we are paying over $100 a month for even a bad plan, we are ripping off the tax payers. If he is spending $15,000 a year on travel, he is out of the office too much and is not earning his pay to begin with. A $25,000 a year SUPPLEMENT to his pay? WTF? That is the cost of a bus driver's salary for a year or a teacher's assistant. That would be a huge increase to our annual household income. Even half that would be nice, but we are endowing a medium sized school district superintendent with that money as an additional supplement? An annuity, as well?

Why do we let this man write his own contract for huge increases like this? Why doesn't our school board and county Board of Commissioners have the guts to say "NO WAY"?

Stop wasting our tax dollars like this. When we just passed a gigantic school bond, this is real bad timing to have such a huge salary announced for our school administrator.

From WMPM's news page:
School Superintendent Receives Contract Extension, Pay Raise - In a 5-to-2 vote, the Johnston County School Board has voted to extend the contract of Superintendent Dr. Anthony Parker. Parker’s current contract was set to expire in June 2009. The board voted to extend it two additional years to June 2011. Parker was also given a $25,000 a year increase in his local supplement, which will go from $25,000 to $50,000. Parker also receives a base state salary of $128,768. The school chief also receives a $12,500 annual annuity, $15,000 travel allowance, and a $3,060 cellular phone allowance. Dr. Parker also has the option to sell back up to 15 vacation days per year at a rate of 1/240th of his annual salary. His total salary and benefits package, not including the option to resale unused vacation days, is now $209,328.

The Selma Fire Department debacle is getting attention in other areas of the country

Here is an email to our town manager from an Arizona resident. Printed with permission of the author and town manager. This is an exclusive that you read HERE first! Yay, I feel like a real news reporter!
From: Clifton Terrell
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 1:34 PM
Subject: Fire Chief


I have been reading and hearing from former resident family members of your area about the problems you currently have with your fire department.

I must congratulate yourself and the city council for trying to improve your public safety services. However, it is sad that I reside in Arizona and through the numerous professional organizations that I am a member of, friends and family members, the publicity has made it to this state and gives a very bad impression about your fire department and personnel.

I have seen this many times in my 22 years in the fire service and it sounds like to me that you and city council the are dealing with a scenario we in the professional fire service call the "volunteer social club".

By you and the city council taking control of the fire department, as most every city throughout United States does, I find the behavior of the firefighters appalling but not unusual in this situation. A true professional chief would have never allowed or condoned this type of behavior and years with a volunteer department don’t make a chief "professional". Only training and experience can do that.

I look forward to hearing about the positive changes that I feel will occur in the future and if you will be searching by a nation wide search for a chief, I may apply since it appears that you and the council what positive changes of the safety of the citizens of your community.

Again congratulations and cudos to you and the city council for what is right for the citizens of Selma and not what individuals think will be right for themselves.


Clifton B. Terrell

Selma fire department update

Reported in The Selma News this morning:
Two Selma firemen resign, others reinstated
By Kelly Lake, News Editor 14.JUN.07

Selma Town Manager Stan Farmer said this morning that a meeting between town officials and Selma fire department officers held last night (Wednesday) has resulted in the reinstatement of six Selma firemen who walked off the job last Thursday.

He said that Buddy Whitley was reinstated almost immediately following the incident because he said he was not involved in the act of leaving his turnout gear in Mayor Charles Hester's driveway. He said fellow firemen included his gear without his knowledge.

Alvin TJ Heath was terminated Wednesday morning for allegedly leaving threatening messages on the mayor's telephone.

Two of the firemen involved in the incident last Thursday resigned earlier this week. They are Billy Baker and Greg Hooks.

Mark Green, who was an officer in the fire department, stepped down as an officer, but will remain on the fire department.

The remaining firemen were reinstated. They include Ronnie Lee Jr., Ronald Stanley, Thomas Harper, Gary Gainey and Mike Kendall.

Farmer said the firemen were reinstated in part because they acknowledged their actions on last Thursday night were not the correct way to handle the situation.

"I'm glad we had the meeting (Wednesday night)," said Farmer. "It was a good meeting and Eric Sellers (Selma Town Councilman) did a great job of mediating."

Fire Chief Joe Price said he is pleased that the firemen were reinstated and that they would be able to start answering fire calls tonight (Thursday) at midnight.

"The meeting itself was aboveboard," said Price.

My comments: I hope that the statement "they acknowledged their actions on last Thursday night were not the correct way to handle the situation" is true. I am fine with the reinstatement as long as they do not become troublemakers again. There should be less tolerance of them in the future. On the whole, I found these actions childish and irresponsible. I have a problem with people who allow emotion to get in the way of logic or rationality. Overcoming that is just a part of being a mature person.

Terminating the one who threatened the mayor is appropriate. The two who resigned...buhhh byeeee.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wish I was a fly on the wall at Selma Town Hall

The Selma fire department has been meeting with the town manager and a councilman in closed session this evening. I have no idea if the meeting is over yet or not. I truly wish that I could be there to hear it all.

I know that WRAL and News 14 are going to be covering what they can. I have been watching for any news online. I knew that one member of the fire department was canned after leaving threatening phone messages at the mayor's house. I have gotten emails threatening the town manager and mayor. I have already been told to keep my mouth shut about this topic by one reader.

WRAL had a report on their 6:30 news this evening that I caught on the web. There was more info about the fired firefighter.
Assistant Chief Alvin Heath has since been fired after the mayor said Heath called his house multiple times and left a threatening message.

"It was enough that when I played it for the town manager, he felt the person should be terminated," Hester said. "You know, like asking me to come to his house and we'd settle it man to man or gentleman to gentleman."
This is just plain childish. Like I have said a few times, a tantrum.

Here is the full story.

Saturday's talk show

I plan on having as a guest on my talk show on Saturday, Brian Bonner "The Uncooperative Blogger" and our topic will be illegal immigration. Brian is a blogger, an internet talk show host himself, and a part of the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration.

Saturday night at 6 PM on my show homepage! Get ready with your questions and comments.

Gotta Get Something Off Your Chest?

Hopefully, some 9/11 conspiracy theories can be laid to rest

A scientific recreation of the crash. Watch some videos.

Key points:
"The aircraft moved through the building as if it were a hot and fast lava flow," Sozen says. "Consequently, much of the fireproofing insulation was ripped off the structure. Even if all of the columns and girders had survived the impact - an unlikely event - the structure would fail as the result of a buckling of the columns. The heat from an ordinary office fire would suffice to soften and weaken the unprotected steel. Evaluation of the effects of the fire on the core column structure, with the insulation removed by the impact, showed that collapse would follow whatever the number of columns cut at the time of the impact."

I have been saying this for several years.

More fire department commentary by Brad Crone

This link was forwarded to me by a blog reader. Thanks, Chris.

Obviously, if you have read my blog or my column in The Selma News, you know that I disagree with the following commentary by Brad Crone (whoever that is). He attempts to dissect the situation, but not with great clarity, unfortunately. He probably only knows what he has read and may not be aware of the politics behind the situation. It is not a matter of "boneheaded politics" on the part of the town manager (put the blame where it belongs, if you are going to place it, by the way). It is boneheaded politics on the part of some small town volunteer firefighters who have run their own show for far too long.

This has devolved into a power struggle in its simplest form. The town must have accountability to the tax payers. The firefighters want to be autonomous and decide their leadership. Sorry, but that is poor business and public administration. Soldiers do not elect generals. Police officers in Selma do not elect their chief. Nor should a fire department elect its chief from amongst their numbers. It is about being responsible to the town and serving the TOWN'S interests, not those of the membership of the department.

As for the comment "The Town of Selma should offer the current fire chief a respectable salary that is competitive and will enable him to transition from his current position with the town" my first point is
1. Who says he wants to be a full time fire chief instead of his current job?
2. Who says we want him to take that job, anyway?
3. The pay being offered IS respectable for the town's size.
4. It is entirely possible that the current chief and his predecessors are responsible for the problems the department is experiencing, so why perpetuate that?

As pertaining to the comment "It’s just boneheaded politics that result in a break down of communications and dialogue because people get too wrapped up in their own power base", it is NOT a matter of breaking down of dialogue AND if it was, DIalogue requires TWO parties...that cuts BOTH ways. Quitting, dumping off turn out gear in a mayor's driveway and communicating threats is NOT dialogue. Yes, I said communicating threats. Stan Farmer and myself have both gotten threatening emails. The mayor was threatened by a firefighter just last night. That is not dialogue, that is a tantrum.

The comment "The town manager’s idea to move towards a full time fire chief is valid – his inability to establish a successful dialogue has been disastrous. Good managers and good politicians understand the art of compromise" my comment is simply WHO SAYS THAT THIS SITUATION IS ONE THAT REQUIRES COMPROMISE? I say it is NOT particularly so. It is a situation that requires someone having the balls to stand up and do what should have been done 20 years ago...wrest power away from those who should not be wielding it.

Below is the column by Brad Crone.

Town Manager Picks A Silly Fight

The level of stupidity displayed by politicians and bureaucrats never ceases to amaze me. Take for example, the growing unease between the Selma Volunteer Firemen and the Selma Town Council and Town Manager.

The debate is silly on multiple fronts.

Let’s dissect it.

It’s silly that the town manager and town council do not understand the tremendous political dynamics of the volunteer fire department. The fire department in any community is a pillar of politics on multiple fronts. Across the country, the fire departments are often an element of society’s glue that is an impenetrable component.

It’s just stupid for the town manager and town council to pick a fight that expends political capital with an organization that has always had the concrete support of the public at large.

When your house is burning are you going to call the town council or the fire department? The answer is obvious.

It’s just as stupid for the fire department not to realize the times are changing and the need for a professionalized department is a legitimate service expected by the general public.

So you see two pieces of concrete facing off against the other. I bet the town manager and town council blink first. They have to because the art of politics demands compromise and they have the authority to lift themselves out of the dirt and grime of this fight that they picked.

The Town of Selma should offer the current fire chief a respectable salary that is competitive and will enable him to transition from his current position with the town. Provide him the elements of a position that modernizes the fire department’s procedures and protocols and allows him an opportunity to extend and expand the scope of service and professionalism his department and volunteers offer the public.

The volunteer firemen must also compromise in the sense that Johnston County is changing – and doing so rapidly. That demands change in how government services are extended to its citizens.

For the volunteer firemen, they can continue to provide a vital service of giving back to the community. But they must also realize that there is a need to expand training and to offer first responder emergency services to the citizens.

The town is moving in the right direction. It’s just boneheaded politics that result in a break down of communications and dialogue because people get too wrapped up in their own power base – not in trying to improve service or making service more responsible, accountable and efficient.

The town manager’s idea to move towards a full time fire chief is valid – his inability to establish a successful dialogue has been disastrous. Good managers and good politicians understand the art of compromise, the art of dialogue and the need to bring people together even when they have opposing views in order to accomplish and implement a policy for the public good.

Selma Town Council meeting last night

As usual, I went to the Selma Town Council meeting last night. I figured it would be a hot button issue night, with the recent developments about wanting to hire a new chief. I figured that there would be more people showing up than were there to argue on behalf of the fire department. Joe Moore, Al Gaskill, and Michael Piper got up to speak on behalf of the firefighters. What amused me is that Joe Moore is retired from the department yet kept talking about "we" and "us" both in the meeting and to the media. He also conveniently left out any mention of his former status as mayor and chief when talking to the media. I had the opportunity to speak with a reporter and she was amazed at how much more information there was than what she was given.

I felt like speaking, but allowed the time for others. After all, it will be in the paper. I am already getting hate mail from my blogging and comment left on The Selma News web site. There is a lot of whining going on there and even a conspiracy theory. There is a lot of accusation of people not understanding the situation or what the fire department does. Sorry, but I do understand. Been there, lived that. I guarantee that I had more training and qualifications than most on that department.

One thing I stayed up late for was to see TV news reports on the situation. Reporters from The Selma News, The News and Observer, The Smithfield Herald, a photographer, WTVD, and News 14 were there. I watched the reports on both News 14 and WTVD. Darn if they didn't get the story wrong in BOTH reports. If the reporters had spent any time doing background on the story and read anything about the details, they would not have gotten the story wrong. Both got different details wrong in their stories. The one story I have read that is pretty accurate is by sweet little Peggy Lim at The News and Observer. Click on that link for the story.

Either way, the budget was passed last night, which included the money for a new chief. I marvel at those who whine that the town can not afford a new position when the town just announced at last night's meeting that we are some $1.2 million ahead i the budget year that ends June 30.

One person even wrote on The Selma News web site comment section, "Selma police have gone without being fully staffed and without the proper equipment for doing their jobs". First of all, they are just about fully staffed. We obviously could operate fine with the staff level which we just had, but open slots are being filled. Just last night, three new officers were introduced to the council. A fourth was qualifying at the gun range last night. The police chief even said that they are just about full staff. Secondly, where does this person get the idea that they have not had proper equipment? We went through ONE year of cut backs. ONE. I have not heard a single mention of not having the equipment necessary to do the job. Not ONE.

There has been a lot of emotional rhetoric. I wish that there was more reasoned logic, instead.

The Smithfield Heresy has published their article online today. Here is the link.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An "entrepreneurial, not-for-profit corporation" can be self sustaining. If not, then shut it down.

Every organization and program wants money. Our tax dollars are being sought by every good idea that comes down the pike. Not every project, however, should always be funded with our tax dollars.

Sorry, but a hundred grand for a horse riding center? Funding for an "industry" that has the ability to make money? Special Olympics getting tax dollars? An interpreter? We are already paying for the medical expenses of illegal aliens who refuse to assimilate in this country. Now we have to pay extra for an interpreter because they won't learn English before or while living in our country? Personally, I tire of seeing money being poured into either failed, duplicate, unethical, or unnecessary ideas. I certainly don't think we need a "therapeutic" horse riding center. How about a "therapeutic" giant aquarium or cat farm? Petting cats and watching fish have shown to be beneficially therapeutic to patients. Why not those facilities? I am all for the Special Olympics, but I don't want my tax dollars supporting them. I am all for private donations and fund raisers, which we see regularly. Why do people feel the need for government to forcibly take money from citizens and give it to some "good idea"?

From the WMPM news page:
Commissioners Hear Funding Requests During Budget Workshop - Johnston County Commissioners heard requests for funding from several organizations Monday night during a budget workshop. Reins from Above, a therapeutic horse riding center, requested $100,000. Johnston County Industries, which will receive $100,000 in the proposed 2007-08 fiscal year budget, requested $25,000 in additional funding. Johnston County Special Olympics officials appeared to ask commissioners for $40,000. Earl Merritt, Social Services Director, asked the Board for three additional positions, while the Health Department asked for an additional paid position to hire an interpreter. The Council on Aging also requested more funding. County Manager Rick Hester said commissioners would hold their next budget workshop on June 20. By law, the budget must be adopted by July 1.

From the Johnston County Industries web site: "JCI generates almost 50% of its revenue through sub-contract work and prime manufacturing."

OK, since you have the capacity to earn revenue to fund your job training, teach people marketing and sales skills and boost present work until you can afford all 100%. JCI has been in operation for years. There is no reason why they can't be self sustaining. If they can't, then we should shut down the program.

I know it sounds harsh, but it is time to trim the size of government at all levels. We can not sustain this burden upon tax payers forever.

The First Annual Open Borders Oscars

The First Annual Open Borders Oscars

Hot Air's gorgeous and intelligent Michelle Malkin takes the stage to hand out the Open Borders Oscars awards.

Today's Smithfield Heresy has an article on the Selma Fire Department tantrum

From The Herald's web site:
Firefighters' protest scrutinized
By Jordan Cooke, Staff Reporter
Selma — Ten of the town's volunteer firefighters will be in the hot seat Wednesday for their part in a protest last week over the future of their department.

Town Manager Stan Farmer said the demonstration occurred at about 9:30 p.m. Thursday at the home of Mayor Charles Hester, who lives on Griswold Street. Farmer said the 10 firefighters, along with former mayor and veteran fireman Joe Moore, dumped their gear in the mayor's driveway to protest the decision to add the position of fire chief to the town's payroll.

"We're none too happy with this immature and unprofessional behavior," said Farmer, who plans to meet Wednesday with fire officials and council members to decide the firefighters' fates.

Farmer said he suspects the firefighters are "still sensitive" about his predecessors' decision in 2004 to enforce an ordinance stating that the fire department is a town entity, not a private enterprise.

"Our town code says specifically that firefighters are considered town employees," Farmer said. "And it also says in black and white that the town manager shall appoint the fire chief."

The proposed budget for fiscal 2007-08 includes money for a full-time fire chief, a position Farmer said the

Town Council had hoped to add last July. Budget constraints prevented the addition for fiscal 2006-07, he said.

"But we can afford it this year, because the way the budget is worked, out we'll still be spending less overall with the new position than we did the previous year without it," he noted.

On Monday, Chief Joe Price declined to comment on last week's incident.

Thursday's protest at Hester's home marks the second time in two years that firefighters have made such a public display of their frustration. Alvin Heath, who took part in last week's demonstration, was charged in 2005 with damaging property at the home of former mayor Harry Blackley.

Police reported at the time that Heath kicked in a storm door at the ex-mayor's home, causing about $50 in damage. Court records show the case was dismissed in February 2006.

Heath kept his job as a fire fighter. It's unclear whether he and the others will do so this time around.

Councilwoman Debbie Johnson said all 10 firefighters had been suspended pending the outcome of Wednesday's meeting. "It is really frustrating to me that it seems like we have an ongoing disagreement with the way things need to be handled in that department," she said. "I don't agree with the way they handled things, but at the same time, we're willing to listen to them."

"I think the lines of communication have been opened," Johnson added. "So we'll see what they have to say, and hopefully we can resolve this whole dispute in one way or another."

For something interesting on the Selma Fire Department and the town council about two years ago, see the minutes of a council meeting. Things are not much different with bad attitudes being exhibited by some members of that department, apparently. This needs to stop and stop right now.

It will be interesting to see if there are any public comments on the situation at the open forum portion of the town council meeting.

Happy 13th anniversary.....

of the day I met my wife, Teresa.

Also, of the day that O.J. Simpson whacked Nicole Brown Simpson.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Why the NRA sucks

From the Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102
Springfield, VA 22151

"The Gun Owners of America [has] already launched a public campaign to block the legislation that the NRA supports, warning that the proposal could 'block millions of additional, honest gun owners from buying firearms.'" -- Newsweek, April 24, 2007


1. It is imperative that you contact your Representative immediately and urge him to oppose the McCarthy/Dingell bill. A "compromise" [read: gun control] deal is in the works and all legislators -- especially those who are pro-gun -- need to hear from gun owners right away.

GOA members have received a mailing from us within the past week, asking them to send postcards to their U.S. Senators. It is IMPERATIVE that you mail those postcards in. We want to increase the heat on these legislators by deluging them with thousands of postcards. Now, once you've sent in those postcards, we would ask you to e-mail the specially-tailored message that is included below along with contact information.

2. Please circulate this alert to all your pro-gun friends and family, and encourage them to take action as well.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Anti-gun Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) continues his assault on American gun owners.

Dingell has been tapped by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to broker a compromise with Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) on H.R. 297, a gun control bill being pushed in the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting.

The bill provides about $1 billion to the states to "provide the National Instant Criminal Background Check System [NICS] with all records concerning persons who are prohibited from possessing or receiving a firearm... regardless of the elapsed time since the disqualifying event."

As GOA has pointed out in previous alerts, this could lead to millions more Americans being included in the FBI's database of prohibited persons.

Dingell, being a former NRA board member, is in a unique position in the Congress on Second Amendment issues. Despite the fact that he betrayed gun owners by supporting the Clinton semi-auto ban, he is still viewed on the Hill as one of the few pro-gun Democrats.

So his support gives the bill the appearance of having the support of gun owners, when actually it is the most massive expansion of gun control in over a decade.

McCarthy, of course, is the most notorious anti-gunner in the Congress. Her sitting down with Dingell to decide the fate of our gun rights is like two foxes deciding how to best guard the henhouse.

To make matters worse, Dingell is in negotiations with the NRA to come up with a 'compromise' as quickly as possible.

The NRA itself told Newsweek in an exclusive interview on April 24 that the group "backs [the] proposed new legislation" in the House.

Newsweek reported, "The NRA's position puts the group at odds with the Gun Owners of America, which has already launched a public campaign to block the legislation that the NRA supports, warning that the proposal could 'block millions of additional, honest gun owners from buying firearms.'"

Politicians always seek to pass laws in the aftermath of a tragedy, as if one more law will stop evil people from doing evil deeds. Instead of passing more and more laws that ultimately will snuff out our liberty, we should consider repealing gun control laws that prevent citizens from defending themselves when a madman strikes.

CONTACT INFORMATION: You can visit the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center to send your Representative the pre-written e-mail message below. And, you can call your Representative at 202-225-3121 or toll-free at 1-877-762-8762.
----- Pre-written letter -----

Dear Representative:

Gun Owners of America informs me that H.R. 297, a colossal gun control bill, is on the fast track. I strongly urge you to oppose this bill.

The Virginia Tech tragedy, which Rep. Carolyn McCarthy is using to try to push this bill, highlights the failure, not success, of gun control.

Instead of passing yet more laws that restrict my Second Amendment rights, Congress should consider repealing the failed gun control laws already on the books -- laws that increasingly result in law-abiding adults being disarmed just when they need their guns the most.

Please oppose the McCarthy bill, H.R. 297, and let me know what you intend to do.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

To what "right" do they refer?

I don't see anywhere it is listed in the Constitution, either state or federal. I don't see any Biblical right or responsibility. I don't see any ordinance for it, either. So what makes it a right? To what do I refer, might you ask? The "right to contraception".

Basically, women who are irresponsible and immature want a right to have access to birth control and they want it at the expense of the rest of the public. They want a law that gives our hard earned tax dollars to organizations that will dispense birth control. I have a better idea. If a woman can not afford birth control, she should keep her legs closed. If a man can not afford birth control measures, he should keep it in his pants. If a married couple does not want to have children, then they need to come up with the money to have prevention measures. I surely should not be paying for their birth control for them. Neither should you, as a tax payer.

...liberal women's rights groups Thursday announced a new legislative push, charging that women were "still fighting for the right to contraceptives"...the feminist groups voiced their support for the Prevention First Act, a new piece of legislation before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The bill's provisions include authorization for appropriations for family planning services grants; prohibitions on health insurance providers from excluding or restricting contraception from covered drugs and services; promotion of information on emergency contraception; expansion of Medicaid's coverage of family planning services; and a requirement that hospitals receiving federal funding must offer and provide, on request, emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault.

So my health care coverage along with everybody else's should go up for something completely voluntary? We should require RU-486 be dispensed by hospitals? We should have more tax dollars go into Medicaid to provide for a completely voluntary medication? No frickin' way!

Why is this considered a right by some? Why should taxpayers and consumers pay for the voluntary medications of others? This is just plain immoral. Follow the link for the whole article.

It gets worse. There is now a bill introduced in Congress that would force pharmacists to provide RU-486 (so called "emergency contraception") even if the pharmacist has a moral objection to doing so.

Congressional Democrats and other advocates of emergency contraception on Wednesday introduced a bill that would require pharmacies to offer emergency birth control, even if the pharmacists object to doing so on moral grounds...The two-pill package prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in a woman's uterus, and pro-life advocates consider that a form of abortion.

Some pro-life pharmacists have come under fire for refusing to offer the pills because of their personal moral objections. The Access to Birth Control Act, introduced in the House by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) and in the Senate by Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), would require pharmacies that carry contraceptives to offer Plan B.

Pharmacists have "an obligation to serve women, provide them with access to medication," Maloney said at a news conference in Washington, D.C. "It is about health care. It's about the basic right to birth control."

The proposal would require pharmacies to "ensure that the contraceptive is provided to the customer without delay."

So is there no such thing as a privately owned business any more? If I own a pharmacy, since when is it the responsibility of Congress to determine what drugs I would carry or choose to dispense? It is none of their business. There are already heavy regulations by the FDA that make some drugs way too expensive and hard to obtain. We already have laws that make me show identification to get some Sudafed and I have to sign a log book as if I am some felon.

Not all pharmacies carry all drugs. It is a matter of choice on their behalf to carry a product or not. It is also a business owner's right to choose whether or not to sell something.

It is not a matter of life and death for an irresponsible woman who could not keep her legs closed and gave her body to a man when she had no business doing so. It IS, HOWEVER, a matter of life and death to the zygote looking for a fertile womb. Actions have consequences.

This bill strips away the freedom of business ownership, it is immoral on those grounds if nothing else, and it is immoral to require under penalty of fines, pharmacists to violate their own consciences.

It is surprising how many have listened to a one hour rant about little old Selma

Last night, I was going to do my regular show on a typical Saturday night. My guest did not reply to recent emails and I figured that he would "no show", which he did. So I had a back up plan, which was basically to talk about four different topics, each a quarter hour. I actually got all topics in the hour I had. I discussed:

- the Selma Fire Department problem
- the Selma Town Council interim appointment
- the article about the defeat of the immigration, amnesty bill in the N&O
- the Ed and Elaine vs. the IRS/federal government situation in New Hampshire that is about to turn into another Ruby Ridge or Waco incident.

I am surprised how many listeners I have had in about 24 hours to an impromptu show about a small town in North Carolina. If anyone wants a CD audio or mp3 version of the audio, just contact me.

There is a player on the right margin of this blog to be able to hear the show (it always plays the last show in the archives) or click on the button below to hear the show. Look for other archived shows in the archive section.

Straight Shooting

A touching video that will make you cry, pray, or both.

Pray for baby Kaleb.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

News coverage of Selma fire department walk out

Selma Mayor Wants Suspended Firefighters Gone for Good
Nearly half of Selma's volunteer fire department was suspended after walking off the job Thursday.

Posted: Jun. 8 11:43 p.m.
Updated: Today at 7:31 a.m.

Selma — Nearly half of Selma's volunteer fire department was suspended after walking off the job Thursday.

But a suspension is not enough, Mayor Charles Hester said Friday. He wants them gone.

Hester walked outside his house Thursday evening to find 10 firefighters' gear, including boots and hats, lined up on his sidewalk.

The display was in protest of the town manager's decision to replace their volunteer fire chief -- who has been with the department for more than 30 years -- with a new paid, full-time chief.

Mike Kendall was one of those firefighters who walked off the job. He said this is just the latest in a battle that's been brewing for years between Selma's volunteer firefighters and town leaders.

"Let him go out with his dignity. Don't throw him out, and that's what they're determined to do," Kendall said. "If the town's going to be ugly, we're going to be ugly."

The firefighters say hiring a full-time engineer would cost less, much less than $55,000, and help them more with maintenance. But Town Manager Stan Farmer has the last say. He thinks the department needs better leadership.

"It's not up to the employees to tell the town manager who to hire as a department head," Farmer said.

Kendall disagrees.

"The city manager isn't going into a house that’s burning, so I don't think he needs to do the hiring," he said.

Hester said he plans to dismiss the 10 firefighters from their positions. At least one fireman says go ahead.

"There's really not much they can say that would make me want to be a fireman here anymore," Kendall said.

Here is the WRAL video story.

Ten Selma firefighters walk off the job
06/08/2007 09:09 PM
By: Ann Forte

Selma, N.C. -- Ten of the Selma Fire Department's 25 firefighters turned in their gear to Selma's mayor earlier this week. The dispute is over the possibility of town leaders hiring a full-time fire chief at an annual salary of $55 thousand; some firefighters think the money would be better spent on an engineer for the department rather than a full-time chief.

Currently, the department is all volunteers, but the volunteers do receive a small paycheck from the town each month. The firefighters who walked off the job are now suspended without pay.

Next week the current fire chief will meet with town officials to try to reach an agreement. In the meantime, town officials say if a fire breaks out, surrounding departments will help out. Town leaders also say insurance rates should not be affected by the dispute.

I have done a monologue on this subject on my latest "Straight Shooting" internet radio show. I covered a few other topics, as well. My opinion on this subject was covered on this blog and will be in The Selma News on Thursday.