Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just what part of the word "ILLEGAL" don't they understand?

I am weary of people who do not see the illegal immigration problem as an issue in this nation and want us to be all welcoming and giving to them. The Hispanic population is the largest group of immigration violations, obviously. Cries of racism just don't fly with me when we attempt to curb illegal immigration or enforce the current laws.

The cost of such immigration is profound on our local communities. Our welfare, health care, and education systems are heavy laden with the additional burden of supporting illegals. Towns, counties, states, and the federal governments all bear this burden. Yet, our national government does little to stop this invasion.

When some government officials seek to stiffen the penalties for illegal immigration, there are cries of racism, illegals take to the streets in protest and claim that they are law abiding people who love America while waving Mexican flags.

Even local students are getting in on the act. I have no idea what they are thinking, and most likely, neither do they. It is ignorance like this that makes me wonder where this nation will be headed. Our culture, our language, our borders are being invaded and we are supposed to like it.

Here is a news story from WMPM:
SSS Students Protest Immigration Laws - About 35 students walked out of class at Smithfield-Selma High School on Wednesday and marched to the Johnston County Courthouse to protest immigration laws and legislation that would tighten border security. Administrators met with the protestors in the lobby of the school asking them to return to class. Six students did return to class, while the others left campus.

That is only part of the story, but gets the point of the activity across. Protesting while skipping school. Truants protesting tightening the laws on illegal immigration. Protesting in Smithfield isn't exactly going to influence Washington D.C. I doubt that these young, impressionable, liberal, naive children even realize what they are really protesting. When it is their turn to start paying the taxes to support illegals, they lose jobs to illegals, they struggle and roll pennies to buy groceries while illegals whip out food stamps or a roll of $110 bills to pay for a full cart of food, their perspectives may change.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

6 KKK members plead in gun plot

From the N&O:

Six Klu Klux Klan members pleaded guilty Monday to running an illegal gun-trading scheme that officials say was designed to finance a plan to blow up the Johnston County courthouse. (read the whole story by clicking on the link in the post title)

As much as I despise what the Klan stands for, their tactics, ethics, and perversion of Christianity; seeing that I don't want to see domestic terrorism in my area, I am glad that these knuckleheads are getting justice.

It would have been neat, however, to get in on some of the gun sales when they were dealing. I would have loved to add to my collection.

Now that I have cheesed off whatever remnants of the Klan exist in the area, I can about imagine the burning cross on my front yard. I'll either get the hotdogs and take advantage of not having to burn my propane in my grill or having to exhibit what gun collection I already own, along with testing some live ammo.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I found these pics in a stack

Here is a picture of a campaign sign that a friend of mine made for the Selma municipal election last November. Obviously, I didn't put it up anywhere, since it was a joke. Still, it was kind of funny. Since my scanner software is working again and I found the picture a few days ago, I figured that I would share it with y'all. Disregard the "Republican" part, since I basically told them to go "pound sand".

The same friend who did that sign did the ones that we put on the back of my truck.

truck sign

OK, now that you have seen the signs online and maybe the truck sign in town last fall, keep it in mind for 2007.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gang activity in Johnston County

I am not opposed to the mere assembly of young people into a gang. I am opposed to illegal activity by said individuals, however. Below is a news story from WMPM. I just hope that SUR13 or MS13 doesn't need to meet HK9mm or S&W45. A lot of this is the product of our national policies on illegal immigration, but the current government administration doesn't see the need for border security. Idiots.

Gang Graffiti Being Tracked By Law Enforcement - Smithfield Police are photographing and tracking an increasing amount of gang graffiti on buildings and signs trying to decode any hidden messages. Sgt. R.D. Sheppard said in many instances gang members are trying to mark or claim territory or even send a message to other gangs. In Smithfield, symbols from two Latino gangs, SUR13 and MS13, are frequently seen. Sgt. Sheppard said no known members of the two gangs live in Smithfield but members frequent clubs in the area. Nationwide, these gangs are commonly involved in narcotics, prostitution, break-ins, robberies and other violent crimes to obtain money. Sgt. Sheppard said a juvenile gang, Field Squad, also operates in Smithfield, but is considered to be far less violent.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Web cam of one of my favorite vacation spots

I grew up near this spot on Lake Winnipesaukee. I used to frequent the Weirs Beach area and even have two t-shirts of Weirs Beach that I wear a lot. They are getting old and worn, though. Time to go buy more from the shirt shop on the boardwalk. Click on the post title for a live web cam of Lake Winnipesaukee at Weirs Beach or here.

Web site where I sometimes go to dream

Some comparison for you on our new town manager

Here are some stats on the town where he currently works as town manager.

Here are some stats on Selma.

With a population of only 867, no wonder Stan Farmer has served as the finance officer and "also has performed the duties of planning director and code enforcement officer by reviewing subdivision proposals, preparing zoning compliance letters, setting goals for efficient land use, and providing nuisance abatement and code enforcement." (quote from The Selma News) I know that the Selma Town Council and Mayor have been wanting the new town manager to serve as planner and other duties. I just hope that he can adapt to a town that is over seven times the population.

Ignorance and arrogance are often found together

The more ignorant someone is, the more arrogant they often are about a topic. I have been in several heated message board discussions lately on topics such as abortion, homosexuality, and first amendment freedoms. I am constantly amazed at how permissive some people are of sin, ambiguous morality, and heterodox thought on these topics.

When a liberal stands up for abortion, homosexuality, or separation of church and state, they are seen by themselves and the public as "intellectual". People who take a stand for morality, orthodoxy, and righteousness are labeled as bigoted, homophobic, ignorant, intolerant, and religious nuts trying to force our morality on the world. What is actually the case is just the opposite. Men and women of weak moral fiber are attempting to force religious institutions to accept murder, abominable lifestyles and sexual perversion, lack of religious freedom, and restrictions on thought as perfectly ordinary and as good.

I find it just as amusing that those who claim that there is a "separation of church and state" usually don't know when that phrase started to be used, where it originated, and the context in which it was written. At the same time, they will quote Thomas Jefferson (who wrote the term "separation of church and state", just not in the context it is being used)as speaking for the separation. Yet, they totally ignore context of comments, and the rest of the founding fathers. Why not quote Washington or Madison? Because any quotes would destroy the falacious arguments they are attempting to extract from Jefferson's writings.

Pro-abortion advocates will demand statistics when you claim that the majority of America opposes abortion. When they are supplied, they are summarily dismissed as partisan propaganda.

"I am constantly amazed at how people preach that tolerance is a virtue. Tolerance is not considered a virtue at all in the world of Christianity. Chrisitianity (at least those who maintain orthodoxy) does not consider an abhorent and sinful lifestyle something to be "accepted", "understood", or tolerated. Nor should they. That is the thing that most critics totally miss about the very concept of morals, especially as taught by a church. There are absolutes that must be adhered to. There is a standard of morality that needs to be espoused and some things that just should not be allowed. Accepting rampant sin (an abomination, in this case) is not Christian love, it is rather enabling sin. If you truly care about someone, you will not allow them to continue in their sin. You will correct them as a good parent will correct their children's behavior."

That last paragraph came from a message that I posted just a few minutes ago on a message board. Within seconds, one individual that will oppose and criticize just about anything that I say did his normal heathen thing and poked fun at me. That Hell bound internet stalker (and he has been one) loves to say controversial liberal twaddle supporting abortion and homosexuality. Few have the gonads to take a stand on that forum, so I have done so, and been threatened by forum administrators for doing so. I have in no way sank to his level of name calling and personal attacks, yet I get impugned regularly.

A local message board had the same thing, recently. A man who is constantly bickering with others was attempting a debate on the meaning of the 1st amendment and "separation of church and state". Even when confronted with documentation, texts, and the truth of the matter, he finds fault with it and takes a contrarian point of view. He has resorted to personal attacks, questioning intellects, and insulting me personally. He does not know me, my qualifications, my education, or anything about me. Yet, he saw fit to criticize and insult. The odd thing is that he is so inaccurate, yet so full of hubris in being ignorant.

Lord, deliver me from stupid. Why do I even bother? Why am I often the lone voice of reason or righteousness in these circumstances?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Since this came out, I have been contemplating getting a game system

I have resisted buying a video game system for several years now. I have seen several games that interest me, but not enough to invest in a game system. Recently, one has been released that just may get me to buy. I have a friend who works at a game shop, and I may just have to go check out getting one.

Well, they finally made an announcement of a new town manager

On Tuesday night, the town council and mayor announced that they had not yet made a final decision new town manager. I have not met their final selection, which was announced last night. It will be interesting to see how things go from this point. I almost expected a WWE style plot twist, but it seems that this was a bit more straightly played. I still laugh or just shake my head whenever I see the reference to Jeff White having resigned. We all know that is not how it really went down. Here is the news blurb on WMPM, followed by The Selma News

Stan Farmer Named Selma's New Town Manager - The Town of Selma has named Stan Farmer as their new town manager. Farmer, who is currently the town manager of Lucama in Wilson County , will begin work in Selma on March 31. Farmer was selected to replace Jeff White who resigned two months ago. The mayor and town council have high expectations for the 37-year-old hire. He is expected to help resolve Selma ’s financial crisis. This year the town has spent $400,000 more than they have taken in.

Stan Farmer hired as new Selma town manager

The Selma Town Council voted unanimously in a special meeting Thursday afternoon to hire Stan Farmer, current town administrator for Lucama, as Selma’s new town manager.

Framer is an honors graduate of Appalachian State University with a master’s degree in town administration. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Farmer has served a town administrator in Lucama for the past three and a half years. In that position he has performed the duties of finance officer for a $2.5 million annual budget and a current $1.3 million capital project budget.

He also has performed the duties of planning director and code enforcement officer by reviewing subdivision proposals, preparing zoning compliance letters, setting goals for efficient land use, and providing nuisance abatement and code enforcement. He has extensive grant-writing experience.

"I was real excited when I learned of the opportunity to work with the town of Selma," said Farmer, who plans to relocate his family to the town within six months. "The whole family loves eating and shopping in Selma and I’ve always thought it would be a great place to raise a kid."

Farmer plans to be on the job in Selma within 30 days and hopes to be in the office by the end of March.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Glad we have been arming ourselves

With a mosque being built in town, I can almost hear the chants "Death to America!" or maybe "The Great Satan must die!" OK, maybe I am exaggerating some, but then again, maybe not. I just hope I don't have to use this:

Selma happenings

I was reading in today's Selma News about the new mosque that will be built on Lizzie Street. Supposedly, it will not be a true mosque. It is supposedly going to be a shelter for the destitute, a college, a medical clinic, and a prayer building. I don't mind people who actually claim to be part of a peaceful religion doing peaceful and benevolent things. I do, however, still distrust Islam as a whole. The Koran is full of passages regarding killing "infidels". Just check out web sites like this one for reference regarding Islam, and that will pretty much sum up much of my feelings on the subject.

I see that the town is finally starting to cut down old oak trees and repair sidewalks in town. There was an article on that in the paper. I can only assume that this comes from people in charge of town government who realize the problem themselves rather than having read my rants on this blog in the past. I am looking forward to the dangerous sidewalk in front of my house get repaired. I used to perform safety inspections for a living. I would have to fail the sidewalks in town for safety issues, if I was still doing this. LIABILITY issues could cost the town more money than they would ever spend repairing sidewalks.

If you don't subscribe to "The Selma News", get a copy of this week's paper to read the opinion page, if nothing else. I found the reader opinions interesting, regardless of whether I agree with them or not. I am glad to see more citizens writing to the editor lately.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Well, he got this one right

Recently, Pat Robertson was removed from the board of directors of the National Religious Broadcasters for some of his more outlandish public comments. He claimed that Ariel Sharon's stroke was God's judgement, amongst other things. Hey, a porky 70+ year old man having a stroke is not so strange.

Though Pat may have been a bit odd lately, he got this one right. Islam is not a religion of peace, and that radical Muslims are ''satanic.'' Here is the article.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Attention all Mormons or those that know and deal with Mormons

For the first time ever, the Latter Day Insight radio show is now available online. Actually, the program is nothing new. A close friend of mine did this program about a dozen years ago. He made four episodes on cassette tape that ran on a few Christian radio stations. I took the master tapes and digitized the audio. It is now uploaded to a web server.

If you have Real Player, you can hear all four programs via web streaming. You can also download and save them, should you want. If you want these programs on CD or mp3, contact me and I will arrange for that to happen.

To listen to these programs online, click on the program titles, below.

Latter Day Insight program one

Latter Day Insight program two

Latter Day Insight program three

Latter Day Insight program four

Lord, deliver me from stupid!

I am trying to keep stupid from "rubbing off" and onto me. I have just run across a lot of stupid things done by seemingly stupid people today.

I put a message on the Johnston County Community Recycle email list a few days ago to give away a Nordic Track machine. Nordic Track was made famous with their ski machines a few decades ago. I have one that has been sitting under my carport for a while. I have no room in the house, and have been wanting to find it a home. A dozen people responded. The first respondent backed out when she discovered it was a ski machine (HELLO????) and that she lived in a single wide trailer and therefore did not have enough room for it. Then why respond to an offer for an exercise machine at all?

The next person on the list was then contacted. She didn't come get the machine. Then, stupid is as stupid does. "I have a really stupid question. Is this the ski machine?" Again, same results. If you don't know what something is, then why even ask to have it? Is it greed? Is it a contest and the thrill of playing the game? Why ask for something freely if you don't know what that something even is? That just pisses me off. I have contacted the third respondent. We will see where that goes.

Later, while traveling on highway 210, there was a John Deere tractor that was slowing down ahead of the trio of cars behind him. I was in the second car. He was well ahead of us. He was about to make a left turn, had his left directional on, and was stopping to make the turn. The driver of the car immediately behind him and in front of me decided to go around him at the same time he was in the process of making his left turn. That huge John Deere almost creamed that little Corsica (or similar white car). The tractor driver just sat there looking at the car, looking back, looking at the car, looking at where he was driving. He was utterly amazed, as was I.

I stopped at Wal-Mart in Erwin on my way back from doing a service call. I wanted to go to the vision department and get a wipe cloth for my glasses. The nice Crizal cloth that I got with my glasses is now in my wife's possession. I was tired of not having something with which to clean my glasses while on the road. They had a blue cloth, but the lady behind the counter insisted that I would need a spray cleaner along with it in order to clean AR (anti-relfective coated) lenses. I told her that I was given a cloth that even had the Crizal logo on it for dry cleaning the lenses when I bought my glasses. She insisted that can not be the case, since it is imperative that AR lenses be cleaned with a spray solution that she would sell to me at additional cost. It was amazing how stubborn she was about the concept that I could not have a dry wipe cloth, even if it is provided by the lens manufacturer for cleaning of their own product. I walked out, instead. I later stopped by my optician's office (where I got the cloth and my glasses) and they happily gave me another one, free of charge.

At JR's a little bit ago. We just got back from there within the last half hour. There was a wooden, colorful, cat themed box that was a tissue dispenser with two extra drawers underneath. We were interested in it, since our house has many cat themed decorations. The display unit was the only one left. One of the drawer handles was loose and comes out whenever you attempt to open the drawer. We offered to buy it is they would discount the price. The department manager called the store manager. She refused to budge on the price. They lost the sale. I am not going to pay full price for something that is broken. They just pissed off two loyal customers.

On the way home, four Black youngsters were riding their bicycles in the middle of a busy street. Not along the side of the road, but in the middle of the street, refusing to move for traffic. Amazing is the arrogance of ill mannered children. Shortly thereafter, we watched an old man riding on a lawn tractor down the sidewalk of highway 301. ON THE SIDEWALK! A riding lawn mower! And, he was towing a trash can on wheels.

I have had about all the stupid that I can handle today. In less than an hour, I am going to observe the town council meeting here in Selma. I hope that the stupid streak is over. I will let you know.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Commentary that I found during this morning's news read

Neal Boortz is a Libertarian. He is also a heathen. I often disagree with him on points pertaining to religion, evolution, abortion, and drugs. We often agree strongly on topics such as liberty, war, economics, and even religion once in a while. This morning, he had the commentary (below) on his news page. I am going to copy it here, since I find myself in agreement with his writing.

I know that some of my fellow Constitution Party members will disagree with Boorz and myself on a few points contained therein, but I really don't care. Truth is truth.


Renovation strategy? That's one word you could use. Today George Bush begins a series of speeches trying to turn more public support for the war on terror in general and the war in Iraq in particular. It's an effort to rebuild his approval numbers. We've seen this before. The public becomes restless, and George Bush launches a series of speeches about the war in Iraq. Today Bush will talk about the global war on terror at George Washington University.

I'm still a supporter of the Iraqi war. I still believe that Saddam Hussein had to be removed from power. U.N Resolutions 687, 786 and 1441 clearly set forth the legal basis for the removal of Saddam Hussein, and no other country seemed willing to bear the responsibility. I firmly believe that had the United States backed off Hussein would have seen it as a sign of weakness, and he would have quickly resurrected his weapons programs. In the long term, the United States would have suffered. In spite of the bleatings of the left and the failure of our mainstream media to report the facts objectively, there most definitely was a connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, and that connection might well have blossomed into a full-scale collaboration had we not interceded. I know that there are many who disagree, but I don't feel that there are many out there who have put any real research into the matter who would express a differing viewpoint. [ Just read "The Connection, How al Qaeda's Collaboration with Saddam Hussein has Endangered America" by Stephen F. Hayes. published by Harper Collins ]

[Troy's comment: I maintain the same viewpoint of the war in Iraq. However, I do believe that the Congress should have declared war on Iraq prior to its involvement, as is proper according to our Constitution. On the "flip side", however, they did give their approval for the action, which though not a formal declaration, is the equivalent, in my book. The Congress did not exercise their power to pull out after presidential action. Ergo, it was not illegal, as some maintain.]

OK ... here's the "but." Right now if some pollster asked me whether I approve or disapprove of the way George Bush is handling his second term in office, my only honest answer would be in the negative. At this point there are other things that I would like to see George Bush address; other things I would like for him to explain. A sampling:

* Why did he sign the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform act? He clearly stated that he thought the law was unconstitutional, but he signed it anyway. Now our right to political free speech is clearly under assault.

* Why has non-defense related government spending risen so fast during his Administration? Why did he set all-time records for government spending increases during the first three years of his presidency?

* Why has he been silent on the issue of school choice?

* Why did he team up with Ted Kennedy to double spending on the Department of Education, a Department Republicans had pledged to eliminate six years before he was elected. The spending hasn't helped. The quality of education has steadily decreased during the past six years.

* Forget the Arab aspects of the port deal, why would George Bush support turning over essential operations of six American ports to any foreign government, let alone an Arab one?

* Why hasn't he spoken out forcefully against the Kelo v. New London decision from the Supreme Court and the wholesale assault on the concept of private property rights that is ongoing in this country today?

* How could it possibly be that he hasn't found one single bill worthy of a presidential veto during the past five years? Is this an indication that over the past five years the Congress of the United States hasn't passed one single solitary piece of legislation that George Bush considered to be contrary to the principles of our Constitution, or excessive in any way?

* How in the wide, wide world of sports did he get talked into this obscene prescription drug program for wizened citizens? Didn't he realize that the average senior citizen spends about $600 a year on prescription drugs? That amounts to $1.64 a day. Every major pharmaceutical company out there has "lifeline" programs that insure that no American would go without a needed prescription drug. Yet he creates one of the biggest spending programs in our history; one that is destined to exceed all cost estimates. Why?

* What's the deal with tax reform? The president appoints a fancy panel to study our tax system, proposals for reform, and come up with a plan for a complete overhaul. What does the panel come up with? A virtual repeat of the 1986 tax reform act. Eliminate deductions and establish a few flat rates. The 1986 law has been amended over 9000 times since 1986. Now that's reform. The American people want some real reform. Where is the president?

* Why hasn't he spoken out more forcefully for real reform in medical care? Why hasn't he spoken out for more competition? How about a demand that congress give every private individual in this country the same tax breaks that businesses get when they buy health insurance policies?

* Why has he absolutely failed to do anything at all about the invasion of illegal immigrants flooding into our country across our border with Mexico? Why hasn't he called for a full federal investigation of charges that armed and uniformed Mexicans are firing on Border Patrol agents? Why hasn't he called for stricter penalties against employers who enable this flood of illegal immigration?

* Why hasn't he told Hillary Clinton to sit down and shut the hell up until she comes up with a reasonable explanation for those billing records?

* Why hasn't he told FEMA to set aside their asinine regulations and get every vehicle with a trailer hitch in Arkansas to hook up to one of those trailers and yank the damned things down to New Orleans to provide housing for police, firefighters and any American citizen who wants to work to rebuild that city?

* After the Cheney hunting incident, why didn't he go to the White House press room and say "OK, so you didn't get the story first. So it was broken by a small newspaper in Corpus Christi. You got scooped. Deal with it. Suck it up. You aren't the only studs with press cards. The American people are rather enjoying seeing you so put out over this. Why don't you run over to Capitol Hill and ask Ted Kennedy why he went to sleep while Mary Jo's body was still in the back seat of his car? Henry Whittington is alive. Mary Jo is still dead." Couldn't you just see his approval ratings soar after a presidential slap-down like that?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Latest musings

Teresa and I have been dealing with having head colds all week. I started before she did, on Monday or so. All week, I have been congested, tired, and generally feeling like dog squeeze. I have not been able to get any rest the entire work week. My work phone kept ringing incessantly starting first thing in the morning. I attempted getting a little rest a few days, but those plans were dashed quickly with more phone calls and the need to work long hours.

Teresa started a few days later. It seems that she may have gotten hit a little harder than I did, I don't know. Maybe I just deal with it easier. We have had two humidifiers going, been taking losenges, vitamin C, anti-congestants, Nyquil, nasal spray, etc.

Yesterday, I ran out of the nasal spray I had on hand. I went to the local CVS to get more. Also, I decided to break down and get some Sudafed, or a generic pseudephedrine based decongestant. Though Sudafed works well for me, I was hesitant to get any since the North Carolina General Assembly stupidly passed a law requiring that such products no longer be available on store shelves. They have to be kept behind the pharmacy counter for now on. Anyone wanting pseudephedrine based products now have to show ID, their name and address logged, and the customer sign a log for the purchase.

In their infinite wisdom, the legislators in NC have decided that if you have harder access to those products, it will cut down on methanphedamine lab production. Illegal meth labs seem to be an issue, and they surmise that since pseudephedrine can be used in the production of meth, that making it difficult to obtain by average citizens and registering who purchased cold remedies will help catch drug dealers.

Treating average customers like the criminal element, causing an embarassment, and logging who has a cold in records accessible by government agencies is NOT the answer. This will not deter illegal drug labs any more than gun laws prohibit criminals from using guns illegally. Like gun control laws, it only inconveniences law abiding citizens and invades their privacy.


I am continually amazed by how liberals think. I was involved in several discussions online about South Dakota and now Mississippi trying to pass anti-abortion laws. Liberals love baby killing. Real men with real morals stand against the slaughter of innocent children. Anyone who claims to be a Christian has an especially strong duty to oppose abortion and protect innocent life.

I am not necessarily talking about picketing clinics or bombing baby murdering doctors. I am talking about voting properly, telling the truth, witnessing about the love of Christ for His creation, and making your voice heard to those who need the truth on the topic.

I find it funny that liberals will demand statistics when you claim that the majority of Americans do not support abortion and would prefer to see it abolished. When given that information, it is dismissed as propaganda and they play semantics attempting to debunk the info. I have seen the same in discussions of creation versus evolution.

The hypocritical thing is that I was arrogantly just told that I am being intellectually dishonest by equating abortion with infanticide. The funny thing is that the very definition of infanticide is the killing of an infant. The more I deal with liberal paradigms, the more I tend to agree with Michael Savage that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

As simple as A-B-C...Anybody But Crocker

From WMPM's news page...someone who will have my vote.

The filing period for the 2006 elections ended on Tuesday, but not before several last minute filers. James Gerrell, 35, a detective with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, filed on the Republican ticket to challenge incumbent Clerk of Court Will Crocker, a Democrat.