Friday, January 30, 2009

A letter I sent both of my US Senators

I strongly urge you to vote against Eric Holder's nomination for Attorney General. He has a long history of being unfriendly to something as fundamental as the right to keep and bear arms. This is a guarantee that was fought for when the Bill of Rights was founded, and this freedom has constantly been eroded over time. To have someone with a disdain and disrespect for this right as the chief law enforcement officer of the nation would be an act of injustice towards law abiding Americans. Please act to block the confirmation of Eric Holder.

You can do the same.
Richard Burr - 202-224-3154,

Kay Hagan - 202-224-6342,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

From my friends at ALIPAC

Just as certain hot spots in the nation became critical battlegrounds in the national fight against illegal immigration, such as Waukegan, Illinois, Farmers Branch, Texas, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Prince William County, VA, and many others, now Chatham County, NC is a focal point.

While the 287(g) program, which saves innocent American lives from criminal illegal aliens, is sweeping the state of North Carolina thanks in part to your efforts!

Unfortunately, the pro-illegal alien groups are trying to set a precedent to reverse or stall our progress. They got the Chatham County Commissioners to vote to block all local police in the country from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. What is worse is that they did it in secret by voting on the measure as the second to last item in a planning meeting.

So while the NC media and taxpayers had no idea this measure would be voted on, the illegal alien supporters did and many of their leaders spoke in favor of the practice.

We need your help!

Please review the following materials and then craft your own call, e-mail, and letter to the Chatham County Commissioners.

Here is our main message...

"We call on the Chatham County Commission to reconsider this issue, reconsider their vote, and to do so with proper notification and public comment!"

Please take the following steps.

1. Please review these videos. We hope that the messages and tactics found in these videos will be of assistance to you in your efforts to get 287(g) in your community. If you approve of these videos, please send them to others in your network, vote them 5 stars, Favorite them, and make supportive comments.

Chatham County Illegal Immigration Debate: William Gheen Speech pt. 1

Chatham County Illegal Immigration Debate: William Gheen Speech 2

Chatham County Illegal Immigration Debate: William Gheen Speech 3

2. Review our press release and the article about this issue.

Chatham Co. Residents Call on Commissioners to Reconsider Immigration Vote

N.C.: Chatham County not involved with ICE program

ALIPAC's Open Letter to the Chatham County Commission

3. Craft your own message and call, call, call these commissioners with your message! Then follow up with and e-mail and/or letter.

Here is the contact information you should use. With George Lucier leading the way, all five voted to block local police from working with I.C.E.

Chatham County, North Carolina
12 East Street
P.O. Box 1809
Pittsboro, NC 27312
TEL (919) 542-8200
FAX (919) 542-8272


George Lucier, Chair (District 3)
628 Redbud
Pittsboro NC 27312

Sally Kost, Vice Chair (District 1)
1101 New Hope Church Road
Apex, NC 27523
(919) 367-0727 (home)
(919) 696-7840 (cell)

Allen Michael "Mike" Cross (District 2)
388 Cross Point Road
P.O. Box 173
Moncure, NC 27559
(919) 774-3309

Carl E. Thompson, Commissioner (District 5)
67 Robert Thompson Road
Bear Creek, NC 27207
(919) 837-2407

Tom Vanderbeck, Commissioner (District 4)
8180 Old Graham Road
Pittsboro, N.C. 27312

We are told that Chatham County Sheriff Richard Webster may be open to joining with Immigration and Customs Enforcement if the County Commissioners will stop blocking him.

Here is his contact info:

Chatham County, North Carolina
Sheriff's Office
295 West Street
P.O. Box 429
Pittsboro, NC 27312
TEL (919) 542-2811
FAX (919) 542-8272

To email Sheriff Webster


And my email to all of the above:
I am writing to you all to express my dismay at your decision to prohibit participation in the 287(g) program by your county law enforcement agency. As protectors of the public, I find it beyond comprehension that you would decide to make Chatham County, in effect, a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, especially those with criminal backgrounds. It is bad enough that our federal government has abrogated their responsibilities in securing our borders, but for a county government to encourage such immigration and attract those who ought not be in this country to begin with and offer safe haven for known criminals is a violation of the public trust.

One of the few positive things that a government can do is actively protect its citizenry. There are some county Sheriffs that are attempting to secure such for their jurisdictions, such as Sheriff Steve Bizzel over in Johnston County. Instead of capitulating to politically correct twaddle, he actually gets support from his county commissioners to work towards securing that county from undue criminal influence.

I urge you to reconsider your breach of responsibility in your recent decision to fail to allow your county servants to participate in one of the few programs that makes sense any more in this country, the 287(g) program for dealing with immigration authorities, policies, and immigrants. Should you fail to do so, the future of your county safety and financial stability will be in serious jeopardy. You are going to attract the criminal element to your county as well as those who drain economic resources.

Please do the right thing for Chatham County and the entire State of North Carolina and reconsider your faulty decision, do so in a public spotlight rather than stealthily as you took your original decision.


Troy M. LaPlante
A citizen that is very uneasy about your decision taking and reasoning abilities

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wackenhut is persecuting someone for being in the National Guard. Let them know what you think.

From an email list I get:
First Class Gary Norris is from the Guard unit in the city where we lived for 18 years and where Marc grew up. Wackenhut Corporation is violating the USERRA laws that protect our reservist and guard members who choose to serve. He has been told "to decide where his allegiance lies; either with the military or with the company." They are trying to force his resignation and have demoted him from Lead Supervisor on Night shift, reduced his pay, taken his days off and vacation time. This is one of our brave warriors who has served two tours in the Middle East and preparing to go again in 2010 and he needs our help.

Please share this with everyone you know and stand behind this warrior and make phone calls and send emails. Also please copy, (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve organization and Wally Bothum is the state ombudsman)


The Wackenhut Corporation


5319 S.W. Westgate Dr., Ste. 125
Portland, OR 97221-2411
Tel (503) 291-1005
Fax (503) 291-1073

The Wackenhut Corporation
4200 Wackenhut Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Tel: (+1) (561) 622 5656
OR: (+1) (800) 922 6488

Thanking you in advance,

Debbie Lee

Wackenhut, you are just plain WRONG in this. If I am ever in a position to hire a security company for a company where I work, I will NEVER hire yours. And your company is fairly active around here.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Enough of the "impeach Obama" talk already!

I am definitely no fan of Barack Obama. I don't like a socialist in office as my chief executive. Then again, George W. Bush has not exactly been a small government type, either and was a huge disappointment in many ways. In other ways, he did the right thing. They both deserves praise where warranted and criticism where warranted.

Obama has already made some huge mistakes, in my opinion, and has been in office less than a week. The decisions to allow embryonic stem cell research, fund abortion in foreign nations, close Gitmo, and nominate a huge tax cheat as head of the Treasury Department (including IRS) are the ones that readily come to mind.

However, I have a huge problem with the movement to impeach the sorry excuse for a decision taker. Just because a President takes decisions that I do not like, that I find repulsive, or are unethical does not make him a candidate for impeachment. It makes him a candidate for unelection.

The Constitution has specific states in Article II, Section 4, "The President, Vice President, and all other civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." Bad decision taking as described in the last paragraph do not qualify as treason, bribery, high crimes, or misdemeanors.

There are other things such as a disputed qualification for the presidency, also outlined in that same article, such as being a natural born citizen. If that qualification can be proven to be truly unmet, then I am all for removing Obama from office. Until then, I do not much care for the constant call by hypocritical conservatives for Obama's impeachment. I have gotten a bunch of emails, invitations, and solicitations to join internet groups, message boards, social networking groups, and messages from those who are calling for impeachment or are already planning for it. This makes us no better than the whack job liberals who constantly called for George Bush's impeachment and now for his arrest and prosecution.

Impeachment is akin to the indictment for a crime. Impeachment itself is NOT removal from office. A conviction after impeachment will result in removal from office. I am not into removing someone from office with whom I happen to disagree strongly and certainly not for unconstitutional reasons.

Rest assured, however, if Barack Obama commits acts consistent with a constitutional reason for removal from office, as did Bill Clinton, then I will be all for the clarion call and will be sounding it myself.

If you want to impeach someone, start with Hillary Clinton, who was not eligible to become Secretary of State under Article I section 6 of the US Constitution.
"No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been encreased during such time."
Hillary voted for a pay increase for the Secretary of State. Therefore, she is not eligible to receive the benefit of its salary. This is not just a political stance as some boneheads have alleged. It is the intent of the writers of the Constitution to prohibit the very thing that is happening. A legislator assented to raise the pay for a job that she herself was going to end up taking. The clause does not say that if the salary is lessened that she is then eligible. Law is law.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Obomination begins

It is finally over. The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama is done. I have been so tired of hearing about Obama and the upcoming inauguration. Because it is a snow day and we have a good amount of it in our region, most of the area is shut down and I got to catch the inauguration.

Let me get this out of the way. I do not have a hatred for Barack Obama or racist feelings towards him. I do, however, despise his character, his lack of experience, his playing the race card, the racist (almost cult like) following he has, and his views. It is all about the issues and principles. I could not care less about the color of his skin. His supporters, however, apparently do.

I know decent Christians who abandon their belief system in supporting the "Black man", regardless of the fact that he is antithetical to their espoused belief system. I have heard so many well meaning people say that Obama is the realization of Martin Luther King's "dream" of racial equality and advancement of the Black race. Well, keep in mind that Obama is only HALF Black. Of course the half Caucasian ancestry is irrelevant to those who wish to self promote.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I despise the racism that got Obama elected and his socialist views. What amazed me was the benediction given by the Rev. Joseph Lowery. All I could do when I heard it was to raise a middle finger at the TV. Here is the end of the benediction speech.
Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around... when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen. Say Amen
Now THAT was blatant racism. "...and when white will embrace what is right." Sorry, but that is a very racist assumption that all whites in America are inherently racist and will work to suppress all other races. That is just wrong and in itself racist. I despise racism, and I do not care from whence it comes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Possibly the most beautiful picture I have ever seen

My lovely wife, Sharon, on our wedding day with her son, John.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your chance to win Bible study software

Head over to author, Anne Jackson's (Mad Church Disease) blog for a chance to win The Scholars' Library software. You can find the contest at this link, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment with a verse of scripture that you find encouraging. The winner will be picked from those that leave a comment.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Well worth watching

Take the 16 minutes needed to watch this great short film. It will put a smile on your face.