Sunday, June 26, 2022

I will never apologize for standing for LIFE.

I just got unfriended on Facebook by someone who claims to believe in The Ten Commandments but also wishes to have wanton murder available to all women. Her rhetoric was actually saying "how many unwanted babies have YOU adopted" as a retort attempting to diminish my position. The funny part was that she posted a meme about wanting a law to require men to accept the responsibility of being a father now that Roe v. Wade was overturned. I actually commented that I AGREE WITH THE CONCEPT even though I oppose abortion. Then, of course, her friends who are fighting for the right to commit murder informed me basically that if I don't have a vagina, I cannot have an opinion. It takes both sexes in order to procreate, and it is a fallacious argument that one who does not have the sexual organs to be involved with the bearing of the young is not entitled to have any opinion on the topic of murder, ethics, or the right to defend the innocent. I will never apologize for standing for LIFE. There is so much to share and I really wish I was still doing some talk radio right now. Since I was unfriended before I could post this latest reply, here it is. --- That is a straw man argument and you know it. There are literally thousands of couples waiting to adopt babies. I have known many of them. There are more people waiting than babies that have been available. And if adoption laws, policies, and costs were not so prohibitive, there would be even more people who could take a child to love and raise. Thou shalt not murder was not a suggestion. It was a commandment. I take that seriously. But there was a time when I did not believe that way and perhaps someday I can share candidly about my experiences with abortion and a perspective that does not get often shared. Either way, abortion is a selfish act. I am willing to admit that as are women I have known who have gone that route. I truly feel sorry for women who have endured that, but I feel even more for the lives that were snuffed out. Also remember that abortion affects men, too. It is our progeny that is getting slaughtered at their most helpless and innocent stage of life. If one takes the responsibility for the act that causes procreation, then one must accept the cause and effect relationship and the corresponding responsibility of the act. It really is that simple. Your original post dealt with Roe v Wade and a subsequent law being one that should be put forth. I am amazed that you took my agreeing with you as an opportunity to argue with me. In and of itself, the topic of abortion aside, the decision in the case of Roe v. Wade was just plain a bad court decision. It was inherently unconstitutional. The overturn of Roe v Wade did not ban abortion, so all the rhetoric about "how many unwanted babies have you adopted" is just plain irrelevant. On a side note, and I have no idea what your stance was on this topic, but by and large, I find that most of the people who keep saying "my body, my choice" were very willing to have the government force me to put a diaper on my face and have a needle repeatedly stuck in my arm with an experimental, untested vaccine. I have also found that most of the people with whom I have interacted over the years that support abortion, which has a 100% rate of forced death of one of the individuals involved in the procedure, especially an innocent party, tend to also oppose the death penalty for those who have actually been convicted of a violent, murderous offense. I have no idea what your opinion is on this issue, but I do mean to point out the hypocrisy of those who wish to punish the innocent but spare the guilty.

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