Thursday, August 28, 2008

AWESOME movie line from Bob Hope

So add me to the list of those being threatened

Boo frickity hoo. Yet more threats against people exercising free speech and pointing out facts about Obama.
Sen. Barack Obama is warning TV stations and asking the Justice Department to intervene in an attempt to block the airing of an ad by a non-profit group that links him to an unrepentant domestic terrorist.

The spot by the American Issues Project questions Obama's ties to William Ayers, a founder of the Weather Underground organization who boasted of a series of bomb attacks at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol four decades ago.
So add me to the list of those you will threaten, Barack Hussein Obama. I have started to call my dog, Barack O-dog-a.

If you can't stand the heat, Obama, well, you know the rest. Just within the past few days, I have been called a "neocon" (pretty un-frickin' believable, if you know what constitutes being a neocon), been ripped into by ignorant people who rewrite history, and arrogant for pointing out the rewrite. Oh, well. If Obama has been hanging out with domestic terrorists, then it should come to light.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My honeymoon hideout

This place is mine for a week. I am not going to say where, but it is going to be my honeymoon hideout for a week. I am so looking forward to it, it isn't funny. Not only do I just want to get away for a while, but I am looking forward to having my new bride by my side. Thank you, Jesus.

Now that was funny.

From Ann Coulter:
This week, Barack Obama's challenge is to select a running mate who's young, hip, and whose accomplishments in life don't overshadow Obama's. Allow me to suggest Kevin Federline.
With all due respect to Ann Coulter, Federline did get to sleep with Britney Spears and make babies with her, so that seems to be more of a life accomplishment than Barack Obama has ever done.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Actual conversations with a 5 year old

I had two conversations with a five year old that just make me chuckle. If you have ever read the comic strip, "Calvin and Hobbes", you may remember some of the witty explanations given to Calvin by his father. I remember one in particular in which Calvin asked why some movies were in black and white. The father explained that at one time the entire world was black and white and eventually turned colored. I loved that particular strip. I often have the same sort of wit in talking to my five year old. These are actual conversations that took place within the last 24 hours.
John: Did I have breakfast yet?
Me: You don't know?
John: No.
Me: You mean you don't know whether or not you have eaten breakfast yet?
John: No.
Me: In that case, the answer is "Yes, you have".
John: Oh, OK.

And another one.
John: Mr. Troy, what is a pawn shop? (as we drove by the one in Selma)
Me: They sell chess pieces.
John: Oh.
John's grandmother, who was sitting beside me in the car: (hand over mouth) (snicker, snicker)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Praying for rain

I know that it has been almost a week since I posted a blog entry. I have saved some story links for commentary, but have just not felt like writing. Anyway, here is a story I found amusing and figured I would share, anyway. Personally, I think it is a great idea.

From The Rocky Mountain News:
Focus on the Family Action pulled a video from its Web site today that asked people to pray for "rain of biblical proportions" during Barack Obama's Aug. 28 appearance at Invesco Field at Mile High to accept the Democratic nomination for president.

Stuart Shepard, director of digital media at Focus Action, the political arm of Focus on the Family, said the video he wrote and starred in was meant to be "mildly humorous."

But complaints from about a dozen Focus members convinced the organization to pull the video, said Tom Minnery, Focus Action vice president of public policy.

"If people took it seriously, we regret it," Minnery said Monday.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

End Obama

I thought it. I made it. Simple, yet it says volumes.
end obama

Tax hike alert!

Johnston County property owners are about to take it on the chin again. I have no frickin' idea how construction costs can suddenly go up by 50%, but I do believe we are getting hosed. Now we are going to pay for it. Thanks, Johnston County. My taxes are about to go up yet again. I just got an increase in property taxes two years in a row from Selma. My electricity bill just went up 11% or so. My trash collection just went up another $2 a month. Now our property taxes for the county are about to go up because of a school being built with 50% cost over runs. Thanks. From WTSB's news page:
$30 Million Loan Will Pay For New Cleveland High School
Johnston County Commissioners have agreed to borrow $30 million to pay for a new Cleveland High School. However, in borrowing the money, the county can’t rule out a possible property tax increase to cover the debt. Higher costs for steel and petroleum products have pushed prices way up for proposed high schools in Cleveland and Corinth Holders. Voters had approved $60 million in a 2007 school bond referendum to pay for both schools at a price tag of $30 million each. However, construction cost estimates have risen to about $45 million for each school. By shifting most of the money from the bond to the Corinth Holders project and borrowing $30 million for the Cleveland High, both schools can be built and opened by the fall of 2011. But it could come with as much as a three cents tax increase. “Certain financial models show the possibility of that,” County Manager Rick Hester told WTSB, “but in the past we have been fortunate enough to absorb that, and we hope to do that this time.” The County will borrow $30 million from First Citizens Bank at 4.14 percent and repay the note over a 19-year period. Commissioners hope to use lottery funds to make the annual payments, however the county’s proceeds from the state lottery vary each year. Commissioners unanimously approved the loan with Commissioner Jeff Carver recusing himself due to being a board member of First Citizens Bank.

Thought police violate 2nd Amendment

According to World Net Daily
A new report to the Connecticut state legislature shows police have used the state's unique gun seizure law to confiscate more than 1,700 firearms from citizens based on suspicion that the gun owners might harm themselves or others.

The state's law permits police to seek a warrant for seizing a citizen's guns based on suspicion of the gun owner's intentions, before any act of violence or lawbreaking is actually committed.
This is just plain illegal. I do not care what the Connecticut law says. The United States Constitution says
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
This right was deemed a PERSONAL right in the Heller decision just recently.

Ever see the movie Minority Report? It is about a crime division that used the precognition abilities of three people to determine future crime and arrest people for crimes they will commit, not that they have committed. This is no different. It is just an example of thought police taking away someone's rights based upon speculation. And it is wrong. It is illegal. It needs to stop.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

One of the nicest things I have seen written about me in a long time

I am a mother of a wonderful 5 year old boy; I am engaged to a wonderful man when I didn't think I was meant to fall in love again. I thank God every day for bringing him into my life.
From my sweetie's Facebook profile. I love you, baby, more than you will ever know.

At least a few Republicans grew some gonads

Not many, but at least a few GOP members in Congress have decided to act like they have some 'nads when it comes to lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling. I wish that there were a lot more men like this. So the government may shut down. So what? It happened before and we did fine. As a matter of fact, the first time I tried to go to the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kitty Hawk, the park was shut down because of the government shut down. The problem was that government employees still got paid. They got a free paid vacation out of it. Refuse to pay employees when they are not working and I guarantee that more employees will take an active roll in pressuring their representatives to do the right thing and let drilling happen. Click on the link I gave you for the whole story.

I may be a chunky monkey, but I still say "Whack the guy!"

I almost laughed out loud and woke up my family last night when I read this article about some shmuck that is on death row and about to be executed that says he is too fat to be executed. His claim is that it is hard to get his veins for drawing blood so it would be hard to put him to sleep for lethal injection, therefore making it cruel punishment. Apparently there is speculation that the drug he is taking, Topamax, will also make him resistant to the drug initially used to anesthetize him. So? Just give him a helluva lot more of it.

By the way, Topamax often causes weight loss when it is used. I know two people that have been on the drug and that was a side effect. Not a bad one, if you have to have one. My doctor put me on a drug for a while last year and I stopped taking it because it, er, ah, well, let's just say that this is a limp subject and I will not write about it further.

It is never tremendously easy for nurses to draw my blood, to give me an IV, or for me to donate blood because I am a big guy. That does not make me run from needles and getting jabbed. I tough it out. He raped and murdered two women. He wasn't too porky to commit the crime, so he certainly is not too porky to be put to death. You do not need to hit a vein to put a bullet in his head. I volunteer to do it, too. Don't give me "thou shalt not kill", since that would NOT be murder. It would be justice. It would be fulfilling GOD's command.

Whack this guy before he wastes more of the taxpayer's money. Now he is wasting MY tax dollars because he has filed a federal lawsuit. Sorry, but the feds should never touch this case. It is a matter for the State of Ohio, not the federal court system.

Here is the news story video.

Losing a $245k house for a $50 ticket is just wrong

If you think you own your own house, just stop paying property taxes on it for a couple of years and you will find that you are just a serf that rents it from the government. I'll bet that you never thought a $50 parking ticket could get your house confiscated from you, though.

I will admit that the victim in this story was a moron for not paying a ticket after repeated warnings. Even after the fine became over $1500 and this dope had $2600 in the bank but never paid it, he should not have to lose his house over it. Yet, some dipstick judge thought it was worth taking away a man's home to recover the cost of the fine plus fees and whatever else got tacked on to the amount. The house was worth 163 times the inflated amount and 4900 times the original amount. That is a hefty penalty to place upon a man for just being a moron. It is unjust and should never have been allowed to happen.

Here is the story. Welcome to Amerika.

This sounds eerily familiar

Monday, August 04, 2008

Will a humongo new shopping center be coming to Selma?

I have heard for almost two years about a possible new large shopping center coming to town at exit 97 and Hwy 70 near JR's. Originally, the story was that a Home Depot and maybe a Target were coming. Recently, I have heard more rumors. Now there is a formal news story on the subject in The Selma News. The developer presented before the Selma Town Council on Wednesday. By the way, I am not so much in favor of constant special meetings of the town council as a matter of public policy, but that is beside the point.

The developer mentioned possible tenants as Target, Bass Pro Shop, Cabellas, JC Penney, and IKEA, along with up-scale restaurants and motels. Keep in mind that these are just suggested POSSIBILITIES. I am all for such a development, so don't get me wrong. However, keep in mind at this point, the developer is selling the idea and soliciting getting $15 million or so in reimbursements from the town for infrastructure improvements. I am not for corporate welfare programs. I am, however, for the town paying for bringing needed utilities to customers and helping with roads that benefit the town, not just the developer.

Personally, I am dubious over the claim of a Cabella's. I would LOVE to have a Cabella's. However, one already was proposed for Four Oaks and that project crashed and burned. Cabella's announced that they were going to put one in to Richmond, VA and figured that one here would be too close. I find that claim fallacious, but whatever. Just look at the map of their existing locations on their web site (the link I gave). I am not going to drive three hours to go to a Cabella's. If they reconsider because of a better location, highway access, and other development, then hallelujah. I would be thrilled with a Bass Pro Shops, as well.

Anyway, this development would certainly be good for the town for several reasons. First, the developer wants to be voluntarily annexed. Great. They would bring a lot of revenue for electricity and water, if they were to become Selma utility customers. The tax revenue would be wonderful. Other development would certainly come as a result, as well as possible residents.

It will certainly be interesting to see what "develops" in this situation. I am all for development of fallow ground and expanding this area. I am dubious as to the claims that "as much as $500 million in sales tax is leaving the county each year to go to Wake, Wayne, Wilson and Nash counties." That sounds like an excessively high estimate. It is part of the sales pitch.

I do agree with this quote, though.
Dougherty added that Selma is unique in the county in that it is ideally situated to host such a regional complex. He cited I-95 and US 70 and major thoroughfares. He said Exit 98 is excellent for such a complex because it has great access. "There’s no other city right on the an interchange like this," said the developer, who has had an office in Selma for the past two years.
Troy's note: Exit 98 must be a typo, since 98 is the next exit up the interstate and is not the JR's exit. That is exit 97. Access on and off 98 sucks and is difficult, and it could not support the heavy traffic that would come from such a complex. Exit 97 could. If it is not a typo and a direct quote, then it must have been a faux pas.

Either way, I am looking forward to seeing the addition to the town.

Welkum too edukashun n da Yoonited Statz uv Amerika

When the Selma Elementary School instituted a dress code, I pretty much supported the idea. Even when I was in elementary and high school, there was an expectation of appropriate attire. As I look back at old school pictures, I marvel at the clothes we wore, although they were not as risque as outfits often are today. They were funky looking clothes, but it was, after all, the 1970's. I still chide my mother for dressing me in such weird clothes whenever we look over a photo album together. In high school, I grew up in an area where flannel button shirts, blue jeans, and work boots were normal attire for a large portion of the school year. We wore Buck knives in leather holsters on our hips (just like in "The Dukes of Hazzard") to school every day and never thought anything of it, nor did the school administrators. A Buck knife was seen as a necessary tool, not a weapon. Anyway, rabbit trail aside, I supported the school dress code until recently.

As I had written previously, I have been active in the life of a boy who is now five and about to enter kindergarten. In a couple of months, this boy will become my step-son, so I have an active interest in his success at school and getting him prepared for it. His grandmother took him shopping for some clothes, but you don't generally find school uniforms at Macy's. I took him and his mother to Target last weekend to buy the requisite school clothes and supplies we would need. After all, the school system was kind enough to post the uniform code and school supply list on the internet for us to find (after hunting down the information by surfing a while).

Like I said, I was all for a school dress code. I believe in modest apparel. What I found, however, was that clothes that should be perfectly acceptable by public standards are not necessarily so for school uniforms. The real trick was finding clothing for winter while still in August, of which we found nothing but a few pairs of pants that met the criteria. We did find some polo or golf type shirts. The real problem was finding them in solid colors with no brand logo on them, and in the appropriate size 5. The boy already had some nice, appropriate shirts in his closet, but they had stripes and a Polo logo. Those shirts are plenty nice for church, but not for sending a tot to kindergarten, apparently. We can buy solid shirts in orange, red, blue, purple, black, white, or whatever color we want, but they can not have logos, pockets, or stripes. If the school REALLY was shooting for a school uniform, one style of shirt of one color should be required, but I digress.

For pants, a good looking pair of corduroys or nice, new blue jeans are taboo. Wow, that would have shot my whole school career attire down, except for the bell bottom hound's tooth or plaid pants my mother used to buy me, along with white patent leather belt. I do find the requirement for cotton twill only to be a bit excessive. We are talking about 5 to 10 year olds, not teenagers. For kindergarteners, we are talking about children who just recently learned to wipe themselves after using the bathroom, may have just learned to tie their shoes, and have recently gotten used to the use of forks. They may still often use "sippy cups". Maybe my future step-son is the "Messy Marvin" of his day (wow, that is dating me a bit), but there is extensive clean up after each meal. He play rough with me, his toys, and my dog, so I am dubious about not putting the lad in denim to go to school.

I am not disturbed so much by the cost of adhering to the dress code, though. I would have to buy him new clothes anyway, since he has grown like a weed just since I first got to know him late last year. We did find some $5 polo shirts and $10 pants. It was the exclusivity without adherence to a true uniform standard that sort of annoyed me.

Here is what DID annoy me...the school supply list. Parents are expected to purchase an entire shopping list of materials and simply turn them over to the school at the time of a parental conference. We are expected to furnish brand name crayons, markers, scissors, baby wipes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, Ziploc bags, tissues, dry erase markers, napkins, highlighter markers, index cards, and more. We are not supposed to put the child's name on anything except his change of clothes and his book bag.

I am sorry, but the last time I looked, we still live in America, not the former USSR. Furthermore, I just got my Johnston County property tax bill this week and I am wondering why I am paying all that money in taxes, the school system keeps asking for more money, we constantly are having school bond referendums, and I am being asked to supply basic classroom materials. Does the school not have a janitor? Do they not have cases of paper towels somewhere in that building? Are the teachers not supplied with dry erase markers to write on their boards? Chalk was used in my day, right through college and that worked fine, but I can understand using dry erase boards now. But still, the school system, with all the millions of dollars we are paying in taxes for their operation, should be furnishing something as basic as paper towels. If the school can not afford the materials, I am sure we can afford enough dry erase markers for the entire school system by cutting Superintendent Parker's salary to a reasonable level for what he does for a living. I will do the same job only better for half of what he makes. That is an official offer to the Johnston County Board of Education, by the way. If not that, then one less assistant principal at the elementary school would furnish all the paper towels we would ever need.

Why I mention the USSR is that by confiscating the materials that we are furnishing for the classroom as a whole, we are teaching communism. When I was in kindergarten, all I had to show up with was my daily lunch and/or snack. The rest was taken care of by the school system, which was much smaller than that of Johnston County with a much smaller budget and much older facilities. Furthermore, we learned. We did not have issues in which we did not pass mandates for performance. As a matter of fact, the state where I grew up used to consistently score in the top of the national SAT averages while having the lowest per capita state expenditure per student for education in the country. Thus, I know that education is not a matter of dollars and materials can be furnished for said education.

Sure, when I got older, I had to furnish my own book covers, but an old paper bag from a shopping trip to the A&P did fine. I furnished my own notebooks eventually, but they were MY notebooks for my use alone. By taking the crayons that I purchase and pooling them with that of others, we are employing a communist system. I was told by the office staff that 60% of the students at Selma Elementary are Hispanic and from families in which English is not the primary language. If Jose and Maria can not afford to buy a 27 cent box of Crayolas, that is their problem. It is not my responsibility to furnish their children with crayons, markers, glue, and paper towels. I bought the crayons, so I know how much they cost. I bought my boy some pencils with his name on them some time ago. I surmise that he will not be able to use them at school, since not all children are so named. We are supposed to protect the self esteem of some illegal immigrant children or even some poor family's kids by furnishing them with Crayolas? All this redistribution of school supply wealth has got to be all one big joke, right? That is liberal academia social engineering with lower educational results for you.

First, I am ticked that the schools are not furnishing these supplies after we are constantly being asked to "pony up" an ever increasing amount of tax dollars for their operation. Then I am extremely annoyed that our children are being taught communisitic principles for politically correct reasons. If you can not afford a trip to Wal-Mart or the dollar store for your child to bring his/her own supplies and not take from others, then I suggest that you forgo that next DVD purchase, 12 pack of beer, tattoo addition, or carton of cigarettes and buy some 22 cent glue sticks and crayons (at least the non big named crayons were 22 cents, but the school specifically requested the five cent higher Crayola brand). Better yet, let the school system slash its over bloated bureaucracy and maybe we could afford to buy the needed supplies instead of double taxing us by demanding a grocery list of supplies before the first day of school. It gets better, though. We were informed that we will be furnished an additional supply list later. Doggone communists of academia. I miss America.

At least I know that someone on Congressman Price's staff has read my rant

I found this on my site statistics today. I will assume it is Congressman Price's staff, although it could be someone else. Somebody emailed the link to my blog. Thank you, whomever. I hope that the Congressman enjoys being in the same category as communists and hippies. I see others have seen my blog this post being emailed, as well. Cool.
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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rep. Price is a moonbat wannabe

Representative David Price is a moonbat enabler and wannabe, it seems. His leftist political views disgust me, quite honestly. I can not watch his show on cable channel 24 or I will end up shouting at the TV and raising my blood pressure to a dangerous level and I will need massive doses of Lisinopril to keep my BP lowered.

This liberal dinosaur is calling for a federal investigation into Aero Contractors here in Johnston County. From The Smithfield Herald:
U.S. Rep. David Price, a Chapel Hill Democrat, has called on Congress to investigate a Johnston County company accused of ferrying terror suspects to countries where they are tortured.

On July 16, Price wrote a letter to the chairmen of two House subcommittees asking them to launch an investigation of Aero Contractors Ltd., which is based at the Johnston County Airport. Christina Cowger, spokeswoman for N.C. Stop Torture Now, said in a news release that Price’s involvement “is helping lead a growing movement to expose the use of public airports and private or nominally-private contractors to carry out the Bush administration’s kidnapping-for-torture program.”

Cowger’s group has been among the most vocal opponents of so-called “terror flights” and Aero’s possible role in them.

Activists have repeatedly called on state and federal officials to investigate the company since a “60 Minutes” report linked the company in 2006 to the war on terror.

Aero Contractors has denied the allegations.
Did you catch that handy phrase? "kidnapping-for-torture program". As far as I am concerned, put old Abdul on a waterboard. I wrote about this before and even put it in the paper.

In October of last year, I wrote columns, blogged, and did a talk show about moonbats that were protesting Aero Contractors with a big rally here in Johnston County. Just this weekend, the same sorts of whack jobs were in Raleigh protesting a war that has not even happened.

This is how scant the coverage was on WRAL's web site, which was about as brief as the actual video package.
A group protesting against a possible war with Iran demonstrated in Raleigh Saturday.

The North Carolina Coalition to Stop War on Iran held a march and rally to protest the growing threat of western-led attacks on Iran. Similar protests took place in 60 cities across the country.

What pissed me off about the news story was, as I wrote to the leader of the counter protest group:
[I] caught the 11 PM news on WRAL. Their footage made it look like there were hundreds of moonbats but only about a half dozen Eagles. Their footage had to have been purposely skewed to show a huge protest with a bunch of moonbats all together. When the Eagles were shown, there were only a handful in the shot which made y'all look like a loony, lonely bunch of extremists. That rather pissed me off when I saw the report.
I am going to take a little liberty by sharing his response.
We have learned, over the last two years, to never, ever expect decent coverage by the press. I'm working on my official report right now. As you'll see there were some interesting incidents that were very telling, me thinks.
The truth of the matter is what this same man shared with those on his email list (which includes me)
Here's a quick summary of the August 2 events in Raleigh, I'm still processing photos and will have the official AAR online as soon as I can.

It seems everyone always wants to know about the numbers. Head counts are something I never remember to do, but others tell me it was 42 to 31.
That's 42 moonbats, and 31 patriots. So my original estimate from mid-last-week appears to have been more accurate than the RPD's prediction of 300. But that's the way it always goes, we never know what's going to happen till it happens. I'm happy to report that Rolling Thunder accounted for a substantial portion of that number .

The moonbats gathered on the south side of the capital grounds. We rallied at the Vietnam Memorial on the north-east corner, and after a few minutes we began moving over to the south side. The capital grounds police stopped us just short of contact, and we were told that in order to stay on capital property we would have to abandon signs and flags. The answer was "We dont think so". We abandoned Capital property and moved across the street to the sidewalk where the Capital Grounds Police had no jurisdiction.

That was just as good, actually better. When the anti-Americans began their parade they had to pass right by us, so that worked out just fine. They marched around and through downtown chanting slogans and waving their anti-American signs (no flags, America that is). We followed them, with flags. Each and every person on the streets and sidewalks that witnessed their passing were informed by the Eagles that the previous Hate-America message was brought to them by the American Communist Party.
When they stopped (in front of the courthouse and in front of the Obama HQ) to chant and give speeches, the Eagles used the opportunity to move in close and add to what was being said. We pointed out that none of them had an American flag and offered to provide one. At one point, one of us walked into the middle of their sidewalk rally and offered a 3x5 American flag and pole to the leader of the group. It was refused. The flag was offered to seven different people, six declined even though their hands were empty. The seventh person took the flag and handed away his anti-war protest sign.
Of course, this made the police very nervous and we were asked to move away .... again.

After that, it all sorta fizzled out. By the time they returned to their original rally point - with less than half their original numbers - it didnt seem worth the trouble any more. We made a couple more offers on flags. The offers were declined, except 2 little 6-inch flags were accepted.

And that's the way it was, sez I.
So that you will know why I am publishing this, it is because the same bunch and ilk that populate Code Pink,, and Stop Torture Now are the same sort of hippies who would populate this event. Actually, here is a link to some of the propaganda by the sponsoring organization. What they conveniently do not tell you is that the local group doing the march is an avowed COMMUNIST group. Surf that site for a while and enjoy.

Now you know why I call this blog Hippie Puncher.

Talk about bad karma!

Actual headline: Stampede kills 145 at remote Hindu temple in India
Story link here.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Obama's $1k energy rebate just plain one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of

Barack Obama is merely pandering for votes by playing class envy. He has obviously never studied economics. This has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, and I have heard a bunch of idiotic proposals by politicians in the past.
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday called for a $1,000 "emergency" rebate to consumers to offset soaring energy costs amid fresh signs of a struggling economy with the nation's unemployment rate climbing to a four-year high.

Obama told a town-hall meeting the rebate would be financed with a windfall profits tax on the oil industry.

Click here for the whole story. There is no need for "emergency" relief. The idea of "windfall" profits is just plain fallacious. Furthermore, to abscond the profits of a legitimate corporation to redistribute the wealth is just plain communism. There is not hiding that concept; Obama is just plain endorsing full on communism.

The hypocritical part is that Obama flat out refuses to support the idea of offshore drilling to increase the supply of energy. You can not have it both ways. We would have lower energy costs and relief for consumers by having an increased supply. Simple economics dictate that increased supply equals lower cost. But Obama is apparently too blind to this by his communistic paradigm or is just too stupid to realize this. Perhaps he does know and is flat out lying for political gain, which is not beyond the scope of possibility, nay is probability.

Wal-Mart knows what is at stake. I wish all did.

The largest private employer gets it. Why can't the rest of America?
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is mobilizing its store managers and department supervisors around the country to warn that if Democrats win power in November, they'll likely change federal law to make it easier for workers to unionize companies -- including Wal-Mart.

In recent weeks, thousands of Wal-Mart store managers and department heads have been summoned to mandatory meetings at which the retailer stresses the downside for workers if stores were to be unionized.

According to about a dozen Wal-Mart employees who attended such meetings in seven states, Wal-Mart executives claim that employees at unionized stores would have to pay hefty union dues while getting nothing in return, and may have to go on strike without compensation. Also, unionization could mean fewer jobs as labor costs rise.

Click here to read the rest of the story. A Democrat controlled government will kill more than labor costs at Wal-Mart. It will bankrupt the rest of us, too.

Here is my wish list. Buy me something.