Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Being "nicer than Jesus"

I have decried the intolerance of those who preach tolerance for a long time. I also have a serious problem with those who are not Christians, yet hold a standard of how they believe that Christians should act. If they know that there is a moral superiority, then they should follow that moral path themselves rather than hypocritically condemning others when they either fail or do not meet their own personal expectations.

Then there are those who are Christians but are very much into false holiness and hold an unattainable and unrealistic standard for others to measure against. The truth is that they often fall short their own selves. Sometimes these expectations are nothing more than false doctrine.

For years, I have used the term "being nicer than Jesus" to describe these expectations. This never seems to get through to those on whom I use the phrase. If they do comprehend the concept, they often dismiss it with a rather cavalier attitude and vehement self righteousness.

I have finally run across an opinion column in which someone else has employed the phrase "nicer than Jesus". Hopefully, the concept will sink in to others, as well.

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