Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hilarious...cruel, but hilarious

Video clip.

Note: I changed the embedded video to just a link to the page with the video. I HATE embedded video and audio that play automatically (although I just added an audio to one of my own web sites.) I changed the attributes of the embed code to "false" on the start up, but it still played each time the page loaded. Sorry about that. I would prefer that you have the choice. If you go to that site and poke around, just use your own good senses. They have a lot of NSFW material there. You were warned. I do like some streaming video clips, but have to be careful on the rest of that site. That does not negate the clean content, though.


Anonymous said...

being a big guy myself, that is so wrong, yet so funny lol, that is also why i will check a chair before i sit down. i grew up with 2 brothers, im used to pranks!
g. morgan,smithfield

troylaplante said...

Yup, being a big guy, I thought the same thing you did. This is so wrong, but doggone if it wasn't funny. I literally laughed out loud. My brother and I used to mess with each other, too.

Having been there, done that, I got a genuine chuckle out of the video. Cruel, but funny.