Sunday, July 22, 2007

Every so often I read some good news

From Nawansega: Islamic Village Accepts Christ!!!! - Cliff Pash

Nawansega - a village that is over 90% Muslims - a place where there is no church of the Christian faith. The nearest churches are approximately one hour walk from this village where there is no water and no electricity.

We have counted over 700 salvations from our first 13 days of crusade meetings. We believe most of the people are now born again from the Islamic religion.

We have seen dozens and dozens of people being healed as God demonstrates the power of His great name. Julie and I have never seen an open heaven such as we are experiencing in this village.

Every baby that Julie prays for is healed. Some have been very sick with high fevers from malaria, but when Julie prays, they are walking and eating within the hour and the fever is greatly reduced or gone. Read On>

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