Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Libs try to have it both ways on Bush's "executive privilege"

It bothers me no end that the liberals in this country seem to have a short memory. When Bill Clinton was President and exercised commutations, pardons, or "executive privilege", it was fine and dandy. When G.W. Bush does the same, to a less extent even, he is "hiding behind executive privilege and violating the public trust". They can not have it both ways.

One knucklehead blogger who is only 13 years old, from the claims on his blog, was asking in a sarcastic fashion what Bush has to hide. I posted a (non-anonymous) comment that the Legislative branch of government does not have power over the Executive branch, that there are constitutional separations. One branch is not beholden to or answerable to the whims of another.

There are some things that should not have to be explained. The nuance of every little decision taken should not have to be explained. When an executive takes a decision to exercise his proper authority, he should not be required to explain every detail just because a few politicians on the opposite side to not like the decision. That is abuse of power. If the decisions taken were illegal or immoral, that is another story. Some details are not for public consumption because of personnel matters or national security and therefore can not be a matter of "violating the public trust". That stance can be just as easily abused.

Congress has given itself subpoena power and made crime legislation for things such as "contempt of Congress". I don't see that sort of authority in the constitution. It is often a matter of one group attempting to usurp power over another.

In this case, there is a political witch hunt going on over the firing of some judicial appointees. Liberals are looking for anything they can to get back at Bush for the 2000 election and his re-election of 2004. Look, he will be out of office soon and you don't have to constantly attempt to defeat Bush. There is no more campaigning for him, except on issues while in office.

Of no surprise to me, the liberally slanted News and Observer has published an opinion column accusing Bush of hiding behind his executive privilege. In case you want to read the whining, here it is.

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