Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Looking for a Constitutional lesson?

Catch my show "Straight Shooting" this Saturday. I will have as a guest, Dianne Gilbert, Chair of The New Hampshire Center for Constitutional Studies. We had an interesting email exchange about topics of conversation. Here is something Dianne mentioned. "You know we often hear attacks upon the Court as being activist - but what about the Oval Office? Since T.R. (Teddy Roosevelt) - that branch of government has also become activist. Perhaps a general discussion on where the powers of that office have gone over the last century."

There are caller lines available for listener participation, as well as instant messenger feedback. There will also be a free giveaway during the show. If you miss the show live (6 PM eastern this Saturday), don't worry. The show will be available via web streaming and podcasting 24/7.

Gotta Get Something Off Your Chest?

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