Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sorry, but that is not stalking

This may be childish and libel, but it is not stalking. I have had hate sites erected about me, too. Still, it is not cyberstalking as the story and current law may regard it.

From WMPM's news site:
Superintendent Says He Is The Victim Of Cyber Stalking - The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has opened up a computer cyber stalking investigation, and the victim in the case is School Superintendent Dr. Anthony Parker. School attorney Jimmy Lawrence reported to authorities on Monday that someone had set up a MySpace.com account using the name of the school chief without his knowledge or consent. Officials said the person also placed a picture of Dr. Parker on the website. If located, the person could face cyber stalking charges. Within the past two years, two school principals in Johnston County have reported someone has placed their names and photos on the MySpace.com website. No charges were ever filed in those incidents.

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