Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Judge Halts Beach Driving on Cape Hatteras National Seashore

A federal judge has taken it upon himself to decide unilaterally that nobody can drive on the beach at the Outer Banks. There was one idiot who drove recklessly and therefore the butt hole judge has decided that no vehicles will be allowed on the beach. There are already rules against DWI, driving on dunes, speeding, and driving in protected animal sanctuaries. But that is apparently not enough for this power hungry judge who has decided that he is the decision taker. The property custodians, Congress, and the State of North Carolina (who regulates vehicles vehicles in the state) apparently have no say in the matter, but some judge, just because he decides that he can take the authority to do so, can make such rules. There was no court case, no lawsuit, and no clamoring to make the sand off limits to vehicles. The judge just decided upon his own that this is a good idea and so he made the ruling. This is a fine example of judicial tyranny. Judges like this need to be removed from the bench. Better yet, we need to refrain from appointing such power hungry liberal men who do not follow their jurisdictional authority or oaths of office.

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