Monday, July 09, 2007

Latest filings for upcoming election

From the WMPM news page:
Benson Mayor Facing Opposition This November - The filing period for local municipal races opened on Friday. Benson Mayor Jerry B. McLamb was among the first to file for re-election, but quickly had opposition for his seat. Councilman William W. Massengill Jr. is challenging the first-term incumbent mayor. McLamb said his platform is town growth and he feels like he has done a good job. Massengill, the chairman of the Board of Commissioners, said he wants to set yearly goals for the town, and to be more intentional about thinking for the long-term. Benson Commissioner Cassandra Stack, also filed for another term on the board, representing District 1. In Smithfield , former Mayor Bill Jordan has filed for town council. Jordan, an assistant principal at Smithfield-Selma High, has filed for a four year council seat, along with Incumbent Sidney Broadwell, a retired educator. In Selma , Troy LaPlante has filed for town council. In Clayton, incumbents Alexander Atchison and Alex Harding have filed for the town board. Jay Jeffrey Holt has filed for Pine Level mayor, and Jimmy Garner and Phil Pittman have filed for 4-year terms on the town council. In Princeton , incumbent board members Walter Martin and Eddie Haddock have filed for re-election. Martin, a Smithfield police officer, said he wants to continue to build infrastructure of the Town of Princeton . The filing period will remain open until July 20. Candidates are now required to file for office at the Johnston County Board of Elections in Smithfield and can no longer do so at their local town hall. Filing fees for most council and mayors seats vary from $5 to $10.
By the way, Selma filing fees are $18 for council and more for mayor.


Anonymous said...

is this your attempt to
"cross over to the Dark Side"?
have fun with your
political ambitions.

john landreth

troylaplante said...

Good to have you visit the blog, John. Actually, it is an attempt to bring salt and light, as I know you are aware. I look forward to talking to you again soon on the podcast show.