Thursday, July 19, 2007

NC trying to give away our state sovereignty

SB 954, introduced by Sen. Clodfelter (D Mecklenburg County), could award North Carolina's electoral votes to the
presidential candidate that gets the most votes nationwide. It has
passed the Senate and is now in the House Committee on Election Law &
Campaign Finance Reform.

A similar bill was passed in Maryland recently. As a matter of fact, I commented upon it and I was skewered by a Maryland resident who accused me of being totally illiterate regarding the Constitution. I support the idea of the electoral college so that states like California, New York, and others can not dictate how our vote goes. I want North Carolinians to vote NC values, not those that are dominated by California.

This is just a ploy by liberals, who know that large states are highly populated with liberals in the large cities. Outside the larger cities, many such states are actually conservative. These conservatives, however, are drowned out by the large city liberals. Some are just still pissed over the loss of Al Gore in the 2000 election and this is one way that they feel that they can right that wrong. It wasn't a wrong. The system operated the way it was meant to, thankfully.

I have emailed several key state senators with the following message. I urge you to do the same.
Senate Bill 954, the so-called "Popular Election" bill is up for consideration in the Senate. I strongly urge you to oppose this bill for one very simple reason. It usurps the people's voice and votes here in North Carolina. The U.S. Constitution provides for an electoral college for a reason. It is so that states like New York, California, Texas, and Florida can not dominate the entire election cycle with popular vote because of their large population. As a medium population state, North Carolina must hold onto that which is our sovereign right, to vote for President as a state and with our values.

As a citizen of North Carolina, not California or New York, I want North Carolina voters to decide how North Carolina electors vote, not the popular vote. To automatically give away our sovereignty to the whim of the popular vote eliminates our state right and power. It also usurps the U.S. Constitution. If this was a truly good idea, then the Constitution would be amended according to its provisions for such.

Please retain our state's vote, our sovereignty, and our right. Vote NO on S954.

Troy LaPlante
Selma, NC

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