Saturday, July 07, 2007

New parakeets

Does the name parakeet have the same sort of implication of paramilitary? If so, what is a keet and why are the birds not full keets? Anyway, I think about these things and they keep me up at night wondering.

Teresa picked up a couple of baby parakeets today. We had two parakeets, but one died a few weeks ago. Trixie was a green parakeet with a large tumor that grew on her chest and abdomen. That is not all that unheard of with parakeets, I understand.

Teresa had expressed an interest in getting another bird for our Snowflake. Mr. Flake, as I often call him, is a white "lace wing" breed of parakeet who sings, chatters, mimics, and screeches a lot. He has been dealing well with the death or absence of his long time companion, Trixie.

Someone was giving away a pair of baby parakeets that were hatched on May 4th. Teresa drove out today and picked them up. They seem to be adjusting fine to their new surroundings and to Snowflake. He seems to be doing OK, himself. The babies are eating and drinking fine. Mr. Flake is not chattering as much as he usually does, but I am sure that this will pass.

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