Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fair is fair

I was looking over the Smithfield Herald's web site this afternoon. They have been really slack on web content for a newspaper's web presence, though. Anyway, that aside, I did see a letter to the editor that is fair to liberals, and I agree with it. It is fair because the argument cuts both ways and there is not a double standard in its content. Therefore, I agree with the sentiments. I agree also with his opening statements about Hillary Clinton.
In defense of Hillary Clinton

I found myself the other day in the awkward position of defending Hillary Clinton. Awkward, because I believe if elected she will do more harm to this country than any president in history, even worse than Jimmy Carter.

But in defense of Hillary, someone stated that she lied when she said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In a speech defending her vote to go to war, she stated that she went to members in her husband’s administration and people she trusted in the intelligence community and they independently confirmed what President Bush had said about WMDs.

So, if she believed what they told her was true, she did not lie. She might have been mistaken or misinformed, but that is not a lie. So let’s stop yelling she lied or he lied without looking at the facts.


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